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I miss you too

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2011 Memories

We’ll be together forever 

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It was hard and painful but was as much easy, everything is emptied out to go back to its original place, then

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Just posted a photo to Instagram

Just posted a photo to Instagram

Thank you baby

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Everyone, finally my solo fanmeeting has been decided! Please come, everyone
Let's meet at the venue〜〜
For details↓↓

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Uploading this is embarrassing but the song is good😁

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Hello ! Hehe

I’ve been working on new songs since the beginning of the
year thinking that everyone is going to like them, but recently,
not hearing any news at all is hard for you to wait right?… 😿
I’m going to do my best to stand in front of you again. Just a
bit!!..! Be strong for me just a bit more!!.! I’m sorry for keeping
you wait everyday !!🧡

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