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2012~2019 I sprinted like crazy, fell down then
got up again, this is all I’m thinking of right
now, that those are the memories that are
truly precious and happy, and can never be
experienced again.. I’ll tell you what. I’m truly
thankful to the staff at TS Entertainment who
have been suffering So much with us until now,
And I would like to apologize to CEO Kim
Taesong who is watching us in heaven. Things
would have been impossible if it wasn’t for you.
2019~further I can’t tell for sure when and
how I will come to find everyone, but I will be
together music until the day I die, Please cheer
me on. Thank you BABY

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2011 Memories

"It was hard and painful but was as much easy, everything is emptied out to go back to its original place, then"

Trans cr. Kathy Myon 


I'm gifting you some unreleased songs that I've been working hard to prepare since 2 years ago
I'm also doing my best for the new album that's being prepared so please wait a bit and see them at the fanmeeting👀
5 songs ❗️ Let's enjoy them together

7th year cake even though it's late! They've just delivered it now so I'm lighting the candles. Thank you🤤
trans cr. Kathy Myon

It's just that I miss you #baby

trans cr. Kathy Myon

Uploading this is embarrassing but the song is good😁

trans cr. Kathy Myon



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