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How have you been, guys? You didn't catch any cold right? You're preparing carefully for the end of the year right? I'm curious hehe It's cold, but hope you guys have a warm winter 💕 #baby

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The same day

The day the tour ended and we came back, the sky was beautiful☁️☁️

It's been a while since I last had a go~od sleep hehe

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Help yourself a good dinner, guys 💕 #baby

First episode today! You'll watch it at 10PM right~?😊 #KimIsAGenius #CheonChadol #BAP_Youngjae 

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My steps were full with excitement when i was walking on my debut stage. But they are full with so many things now. 7 years as a singer, me as a performer, me as an idol, me who was repaying to my fans, I have been on the stages so many times. We have performed over 100 solo concerts. As a human Yoo Youngjae, as a singer Yoo Youngjae I learnt a lot of things. I learnt them being among you(with you). I’m really thankful and I feel warm. I’m so thankful for this tour. Thank you so much for looking over me and coming to see me on this tour. I will (try to) work harder from now on and I want to live loving you guys in the future too. I count on you in the future too, take a good care of me, please. I love you

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I'm so happy, it was fun and an unforgettable time. Thank you baby.  #Foreverwithbaby #baby #BAP

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2018 Forever with BABY last show
I'm really holding a lot of thoughts right now, but I will do my best to make it beautiful until the end..! #baby #BAP

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Expecto Patronum !!!!!!!! #Berlin #concert #today

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Ja Lets have some fun! #London #baby #BAP

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Boyfriend pic #TakenByME

#Earth Conquest

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"It's finally released. Please give it lots of love. #baby

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