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Now I greet you
Thanks so much for wishing me happy birthday
I am doing well wearing warm clothes such that I don't catch a flu!!

No matter when babyz are the best💞  First place💘

trans cr. ricejuyseo

 My teacher's cafe is opened
(It's) my new hideout? ☺
#my #new #space

#Monday_blue #fighting #me_too #fighting

 Happy birthday to you, Choi maknae bro 💕#Zelo #BAP

trans cr. Kathy Myon
 Wearing this after a while, be careful to not catch a cold baby #baby

trans cr. Kathy Myon

Just posted a photo to Instagram

With Hakmin
What are you doing? #baby

trans cr Kathy Myon

 Vapp again for a bit

trans cr. KathyMyon

Quality Waterpipe FC 😂
trans cr. KathyMyon

I really like the CG*, it was like what I expected😽 this is it

*Computer Graphics 

I think i need to bleach my hair for concert

trans cr. araisyahfitria

Not so not so not so I miss (them) even more though

I miss our babyz even more so!! Ahoh!

 (they're) mine you dumbo
I really miss you baby

trans cr. Gimme Rice

Should I do a quick Radio now

My Vlive will be (starting) in a while

Have you been doing well? I also miss you lots and lots👀👀

trans cr. ricejuseyo
Just posted a photo to Instagram

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