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All the stress that’s been piled up for a while was blown away, such a perfect place! Let’s face real life again! Loyalties  #FullVillaTheSecret #YangPyeong 

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Just shared a photo

To those who have enjoyed these past two days with us, thank you so much! I promise we'll do our best for us to meet again soon! Thank you!

It was fun!

The past 2 days were so much fun. Thank you!
Yesterday and today we're so much fun! Thank you! I love you!

See you soon. In a moment let's meet!

Translation © Fatma and Luna@BAPYESSIR.COM

Everyone please take care to eat your dinner^^ #BAP #VR

trans cr. ricejuseyo

Conan and cowboys 😜 #BAP

trans cr ricejuseyo

Two shot #hanriverdate #video #fishing

trans cr ricejuseyo

Everyone eat your food, you got it*~~~! #baby

in summer (ofcourse) it's horror 🤟

heuheuheuheu Be careful of the heatt

trans cr. araisyaifitria

Did you eat

Translation © Fatma@BAPYESSIR.COM

Be careful on (this) hot weather/killing heat!!! #BABY

trans cr. araisyahfitria

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