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(my) face is really swollen/puffy..😭 #lecoqsportif #lejogger #onyx

trans cr. araisyahfitria

Let's stop wasting time and do it properly. Aja aja💪 Wait for only a litte more. I luv you, BeiBi 💕 #baby

Can't grasp everything in my hand... Just I tried to practice...but this... It's so hard... 😂

 Blasting IDOL 🤪 
Hoseok-jjing is the best


trans cr Kathy Myon

Trust me and listen so my teacher’s song 
'Summer love' 
Give it a try once before summer is gone 
I personally like this song 😊 

trans by KathyMyon
I was really really happy and am thankful for you coming today. Go home safely guys. I love you

trans by KathyMyon
My phone’s touch function isn’t working so it won’t budge no matter where I press.  Don’t worry if I accidentally click on something or leaving any traces.

III  When I’m troubled like this 
You’re always next to me 
That’s the reason 
That keeps me alive 
I won’t forget. I will remember 
There are a lot of regrets 
A lot of things I can’t do for you
Now my love is #baby

trans by KathyMyon

"Thank you to the faces who showed up even though the short guerilla event was sudden! We couldn't make it long like that but seeing your face make it a pleasant day #BABY #BAP

Start! #Daehyun #Jongup

We're leaving

Trans cr. Kathy Myon

I Love you a lot and so very much thankful

trans by KathyMyon ; take out with full credit

The weather today is really bright/clear

trans cr araisyahfitria

All the stress that’s been piled up for a while was blown away, such a perfect place! Let’s face real life again! Loyalties  #FullVillaTheSecret #YangPyeong 

trans by KathyMyon

Just shared a photo

To those who have enjoyed these past two days with us, thank you so much! I promise we'll do our best for us to meet again soon! Thank you!

It was fun!

The past 2 days were so much fun. Thank you!
Yesterday and today we're so much fun! Thank you! I love you!

See you soon. In a moment let's meet!

Translation © Fatma and Luna@BAPYESSIR.COM

Everyone please take care to eat your dinner^^ #BAP #VR

trans cr. ricejuseyo

Conan and cowboys 😜 #BAP

trans cr ricejuseyo

Two shot #hanriverdate #video #fishing

trans cr ricejuseyo

Everyone eat your food, you got it*~~~! #baby

in summer (ofcourse) it's horror 🤟

heuheuheuheu Be careful of the heatt

trans cr. araisyaifitria

Did you eat

Translation © Fatma@BAPYESSIR.COM

Be careful on (this) hot weather/killing heat!!! #BABY

trans cr. araisyahfitria

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