Twitter Update by Daehyun and Youngjae

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Thank you for the birthday gifts👍 Thank you Sungjun-hyung for the speaker, it's perfect for practice 🤟
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Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday greetings! I’m very
thankful for the birthday advertisements too. I feel like I was able to
spend a cool birthday as a cool person thanks to you all! Thank you
for being with me on my birthday every time, I love you 💕 #baby

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You should stay out of it instead. Republic of Korea won !

BABYs are mine, you stay out of it. Using the topic of your birthday

Daehyun-ah, happy birthday ! Have a beautiful love with BABYs in future too ! 💕

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Babys who came to meet us in the morning, thank you, also it made me so happy 💕

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We're the Avengers!

try my luck rehearsal

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I'm hungry

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Don't hide

I hope now there are only happy things! I hope tomorrow comes fast. Wait a little longer. Let's meet tomorrow!

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I was hungry but I was planning to sleep but I couldnt fall a sleep and in the end I ended up eating ramen and cheese.

Just shared a video

I'll be back

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Tylenol (feat. Xion)

Thank you I'll eat well

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Look forward toward it 

In the middle of practice

Bird Calls

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Preparing for the concert #baby

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I'm itching🤓
To go to people's work studio
#JustOneDay #More 
#ToFlyAbout #Freely 

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I feel that its more meaningful and I feel proud to be part of such a significant project.....

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Everyone have an enjoyable weekend👊 #baby

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 Seungil Hope Foundation is setting up a nursing hospital for ALS patients.
Wow the slippers are all of a golden size
About 265(mm)?

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Also I'll recover soon

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On the way to see you all 🔥🤓

Reply Me

Let's go to the Han River with Kanji later and do a V live, how about it?

What are you doing?


Thank you for making a weekend that would have gone by quietly fun and happy. 
I was at a loss because of the early but amazing birthday present

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(Shall we play) Crazy Arcade after a long time?

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