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Go Republic of Korea

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If I could meet you one last time
The things I wanted to say to you while looking at your face

Up feeling

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Preparing for the concert #baby

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I'm itching🤓
To go to people's work studio
#JustOneDay #More
#ToFlyAbout #Freely

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I feel that its more meaningful and I feel proud to be part of such a significant project. Please show much more love and concern to ALS patients. I sincerely hope that they will be filled with only happiness. There are people that I would like to join such a meaningful project. @j_t.h Jin Taehwa hyungnim @trcng_official Our cutie dongsaengs, please join us. Thank you.

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Everyone have an enjoyable weekend👊 #baby

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Seungil Hope Foundation is setting up a nursing hospital for ALS patients. I was nominated by Sonamoo’s NewSun @sonamoo_insta to participate in this Ice Bucket Challenge as well. I hope for your interest and support to help ALS patients by having better treatment. Lastly The next people to continue the Ice Bucket Challenge are 
BAP Daehyun @dh jung_bap 
BAP Himchan @chanchanieeeeee

Wow the slippers are all of a golden size About 265(mm)? @.byzelo

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On the way to see you all 🔥🤓

Thank you for making a weekend that would have gone by quietly fun and happy. I was at a loss because of the early but amazing birthday present, everyone have a weekend filled with fun and happy things. #baby

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The oasis inside suffocating reality

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