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I miss you

It's Cola?

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You worked hardπŸ‘

All my friends, members, hyungs, noonas who came for me during the time I did pop-up store, thank you everyone.

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Thank you, Jongup 🀟 @.999triplenine_official

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On the way to watch Himchannie hyung #Yeodo #Himchan

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See you at the pop up store

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Congrats on 2300th day, Baby. Thank you 

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It's raining and the wind is blowing

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It's okay. Don't worry and since the temperature difference is so different nowadays, be careful to not get sick

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I miss you so much and I really love you a lot

 Don't skip meals and since it's still chilly, wear warm clothes

I'm doing well, too. I miss you a lot so I hope we can meet soon

You're doing well, right?

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I hope many of you will watch UNTACT which will start airing at 9pm on K-Star Channel

I miss you

Everyone~ you waited too long, right? Hehehe I'm just really thankful to you for always giving us strength, thank youπŸ™€ You missed us so much, didn't you? Hehe πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ By the way, I bet many of you would like to watch the program UNTACT that I just retweeted... hehe I'm here to let you know that it airs tonight on 9pm!^^ Watch this and you all will have a day full with smiles!! 😁 This is a photo I took a long time ago, smile.

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I’m fine, how are you? I miss you, everyone

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