[UPDATE: Episode 4 ]UNTACT

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Where to watch 'Untact':

UNTACT Eng Subbed
( password : rice )

Part Two is coming soon

Part Three is coming soon

They are password protected to stop them getting flagged, so share it around but please don’t repost it. All credits are listed in the description.

The subs were a little unclear in the first 20 minutes or so of the subbed episode this week - so the I re-did them in two parts. Part three will be the TV version ^^

The passwords are exactly as they are shown here, no spaces or capitals

Happy viewing!

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[Episode 4]

[Episode 3]

180523 B.A.P 오지GO 지리GO (Untact Life) 3회 (full ver.) [MemoryLane] from MEMORY LANE on Vimeo.

[Episode 2]

[Episode 1]

©Memory Lane

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