B.A.P 단합대회~MASSIVE 대결편 in 오사카 (Kstyle LINE LIVE) (180330)

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MC: Let's have introductions from the members
ALL: (introduces themselves with their names)
MC: There are already plenty of comments, the members are reading them too and seeing the hearts. BAP had a line live back in January too. Let's look back on that, how was it?
HC: New Year?
MC: Yes, like making New Year greetings and such
MC: And eating mochi/ddeok as well
//YJ: It was delicious
MC: And challenging to find the 'New Year Man'
ZL: Ah, the presents?
YJ: Himchan!
MC: How was it?
HC: After [winning] that, I received the acting offer [for Yeodo]
MC: To commemorate a certain thing, we're gathered here today on line live. Do you know what?
HC: The new album
DH: Massive!
MC: Everyone knows already. Well, there's the poster to their side that's out in the open too

MC: To express the various charms of MASSIVE, we've got many corners to do so, more like, there's so many corners // the staff said it'll be tough to do them all by 10pm.
MC: The top 3 heart-pressers from the top 10 list will win a signed polaroid!

(Talking about the release events) How's the flying kiss event? For the people who may not know HC: Let's have Daehyun explain since he's the best at it DH: It's our 2nd time doing it, // it's our way to show love for fans.
MC:There will be a free live in Tokyo as well to celebrate the release. And today too, there was a free live held in Osaka Abeno Q's mall. Yes, we're broadcasting live from Osaka. // Here's some footage from today

MC: How was the free live at Osaka today? Youngjae? YJ: When we had a fanmeeting in Osaka last time, we said we'll meet at the next album [release] and being able to follow through with that promise was nice. DH: I feel the same as Youngjae
MC: Is there anything you want people to listen out for in the album? Zelo? ZL: This album is filled with elements that the fans can enjoy, but in particular there's a song called ALBATROSS which // the rap was difficult but I felt accomplished
MC: The hearts are going up a lot, let's look at the ranking. 1st is Kei-san, 2nd is Chiharu-san and 3rd is /// Continue participating lots and lots!

MC: Now, we'll split the members into 2 teams and have them compete against each other. The winning team will get a prize ZL: Like I thought~ MC: And the losing team has a punishment waiting for them. Let's choose the teams now. We'll have them pick
MC: from these at random to decide the teams. MC: The people on team red, hands up! Ok, so the teams are now split, let's go onto the games
MC: 1st game, BAP's Osaka dialect competition! MC: Do you have any Osaka dialect that comes to mind? --: I luv ya~ whatthe?~

MC: They will compete based on the number of retweets and likes. The number will be revealed at the end of the program. // Let's have them sit according to their teams
MC: So red team's theme is "whatthe~". They need to make a video and decorate it in Snow app.
(The phone's acting up) MC: We're live so these things can happen. They have to film a 20 second video
MC: Let's have the black team choose. What will it be? ZL: Thank ya MC:Do you know the meaning? ZL: Of course
DH: Let's go! "Whatthe~ YG: Whatthe~ HC: Whatthe~ DH: Done! // Save it MC: The staff are checking it now
DH: Hurry up
ZL/JU/YJ: Thank ya
MC: They'll need to decorate it afterwards in SNOW as well.

MC: Now let's go onto the next corner, "which is real~!". You'll have to pick out which is the real one.
ZL: I don't have the confidence but I want to try it out. //Thank ya
MC: First, black team. We'll cover your eyes, and then red team, will feed them
MC: So we'll start from the left, and have them eat the takoyaki.
DH: Jongup~ It's time to eat~ Ah sorry, Himchan did-
ZL: It's yummy
HC: Did you taste it well?
MC: Let him eat it!
MC: Remember this taste well ok?
MC: -: what's this?
MC: Takoyaki B
MC: It's between a famous store's takoyaki and frozen takoyaki
YJ: Is this takoyaki? There's no octopus in it
MC: // So one is frozen takoyaki and one from 'Kukuru'.
HC: Is the first one or the second one nicer?
ZL: First one
JU: I don't remember
MC: You ate 2 though?
JU: The 2nd?
YJ: The first one was nicer
Now the answer, the one from Kukuru was the 2nd one! So there was 1 correct answer! Let's move on now

YJ: Stay still would you!
HC: You had no presence so...
HC: Am I first? YJ: It looks nice YG: Ah it's nice HC: There was too much bun DH: I have a michelin's tongue DH: It's too big! MC: Let's go onto the second bun
HC: Make it an appropriate amount of bun. // It dropped [on the table] right? (YJ tries to feed him the same piece) I throw water on you YG: This is a different one right? HC: I ate both already so I can take my mask off right? MC: Wait a moment
MC: so one was from 551hourai, and the other was just from the convenience store MC: Which one? DH: The second YG: The second one too HC: Me too MC: Everyone guessed correctly!

MC: Next corner, "what's in the box?!" // Let's go straight on. Choose a representative each from the teams. DH: I'm good at these MC: At the same time, they will put their hands in. If you know what it is then put your hands up.
DH: Broccoli! MC: Well done. Let's move onto the next one// Let's go, what's in the box! ZL: The feels a bit weird. Can we only answer once? MC: Yes YG: Yongguk! MC: Zelo still has to answer... // The item came out! This is the unexpected draw!
MC: Both teams are confident. //HC: Grapes! MC: Another round? Since item came out last time ZL: Answer! Loofa! MC: Oh?! There's 2 items. This has to be a draw?! Well red team was leading so they'll get the point

MC:The numbers have come in for the video game from before. And the winner is.... red team!
MC: Black team: 1pt, red team: 6pts! Now the winning team, we have sweets prepared for them. They must be tired so have some sweets. MC: These grapes are different from before

MC: The cake is from --- (famous shop) MC: The punishment game, is to profess your love for BABYz in baby talk!
YJ: Are there lines set already? I will be able to do my best if I got a bite of the cake DH: It's for the fans. You can do it without it. // Can I look forward to it? JU: "I lub you babyz ZL: "Babyz only need to look at mee YJ: "You like me rite?
MC: We have 4 minutes left, so let's go onto checking the rankings. And let's finish up as well. (Announcing heart ranking)
MC: Now 3 of the people of the 10 we read out will receive a signed polaroid! Linelive will contact you about it later on. // Massive is out on sale now, please grab a copy if you haven't already yet! There's a release event tomorrow too.
MC: There's 1 more minute left. Please say your messages to babyz. DH: I love you YJ: Thank you for everything,// we're waiting for you at the next event too, thank ya!

Translation © Cassie_Babyz, take out with credit

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