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Hello! Daehyun is here hehe 

Hello—! I’ve come to the fancafe in a long time …. I feel very sorry..! I do want to come in frequently and be together with you but I didn’t manage to „ I I feel reproachful seeing how this board (T/N: By B.A.P) has not been updated since a few years ago..! But ….!!!!!! My love for you all is the greatest!!! I want to be with you whenever and wherever, and I want to move you and give you smiles and happiness. As time passes, things seem to be taken for granted, become used to and comfortable, and precious things seem to have one by one become dull..! Buuuut!!!!!! You all are very precious people to me that I want to cherish, value, protect and miss more with time. I will make sure to repay the support you give, and till the day you all become happy, I will be here in this spot working harder and more earnestly for greater happiness and for you all, I’ve been very thankful until now and will continue to be thankful but I want to be thankful forever hehe. So let’s be together for life 💕 -From Daehyun, out of the blue, rambling-

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