Buying B.A.P. World Tour 2017 Japan Tickets from Lawsons Website

ALL CREDIT GOES TO BABYZNIKKI (FB) for this guide. Please do not take without proper credit!

Buying B.A.P. World Tour 2017 Japan Tickets from Lawsons Website

Important information before you start
a)Site is only in Japanese but if you open with Google Chrome you can translate the whole page.
b)The reception & payment method is by Lawson convenience store only. So in order to pay for & receive your ticket you need to be in Japan when the tickets issue or have someone you know in Japan make the payment & receive the tickets for you.
c)You also will need to have a Japan phone number & zip code. They must be remembered since both will be used to receive tickets.
*Apps like SMARTalk will give you a Japanese phone number.
*For the zip code you can just use the hotel/residence you will be staying in while visiting Japan. Or Google one, they won’t be mailing you anything so it doesn’t really matter.   

  1. Go to (Website only in Japanese). Under the search bar search B.A.P

2) Choose which venue you’d like to buy tickets for & click “Application” on the right.
-Mine is showing lottery since it’s the only sales open right now & that’s what I’m applying for but if you’re not a fanclub member then you should be applying for general sales. Generals sales open July 23 10am.
bap fsg bag.JPG
3) There are 2 performances each day. Click the + sign for which time you want & then the “select” button.
4)You’ll get a pop up either on screen or on the right with numbers. It’s for how many tickets you want to apply for.
5) Authentication: Just drag & drop the image that matches the word in Pink. Click Next
6) Next Page will be the order details. Your only options are Receive “over the counter” & “store payment” so you can’t change anything. Scroll to the bottom & fill out your email address & other information.

When filling in the information you’ll get a checkmark when it’s accepted & an X when it’s not in the right format.

Japanese names have different formats that you have to type in, different from English ones(full-width or half-width). You’ll also have to enter your name in “Kana” for the 2nd line.

You have 2 options, you can either use the website ( for a Japanese keyboard & fill in your name in Kana for both, or use Kana for the 2nd line & then use ( to convert your name to full width so you can paste it in English for the 1st line. Both work my example is having my name in English & Japanese.

7) Go to the next page & confirm your information. They do charge you extra ticketing fees.
-Be sure to enter your email address correctly, that’s how they will send your confirmation notice as well as the information to pick up your ticket once it’s ready.
-Once you click the last pink button you’ll application is submitted & you just need to wait for your confirmation email(in Japanese). It will have the details & what you need to pick up your ticket. Then you just pick up your ticket at any Lawsons/Mini-stop in Japan & you’re done.

Concert Notes:

  1. This concert is All standing. How it will work is your ticket will come with a number. Concert day they will line us up in order, of course those with lower numbers like 1-100 have a better chance of being front row.
  2. There are slight differences for those doing the Pre-sale Lottery & those doing the general sale. Pre-sales have to wait for the Lottery announcement & ticket issue date so we can’t immediately pay or pick-up our tickets. For the general sale you shouldn’t have to wait as long or at all for picking up your tickets. Depends on when you purchase.

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