[UPDATE: Cards will be at Every stop of the US Tour!]Party Baby World Tour 2017 [US Photocards Project]

Posted by Elizabeth@BAPYESSIR.COM

The cards will be handed out by Volunteers for BYS so make sure to look for them on the day of the shows! Also make sure to follow our twitter, @bysfansite, for more info the day of the shows!

If wanting to meet two of our admins, Admin Elizabeth will be handing out the cards at Atlanta Boom and Admin Melanie will be handing out the cards at LA Boom!

Please only choose one card style as they are limited! Many thanks to Wake Me Up Project for coming up with the great idea and helping to contribute!

Here's all the card's designs!

Posted by Dana@BAPYESSIR.COM

Party Baby World Tour 2017 [US Photocards Project] 

For BAP's world tour we decided to distribute photocards for the US leg; each card will have our BYS logo and of the Wake Me Up Project that's been going around on twitter. We also are looking for volunteers for the following ctiy: ALL FILLED! If you or someone else knows that would be interested in this position email us at bysfansite@gmail.com. 

The photocard designs will look like these, and everyone will get one photocard per person. There will be all 6 members and they will be limited. 

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