[FOR SALE] Collection of rare B.A.P’s albums, concerts DVDs, photobooks and goodies

Hi everyone! We're selling some rare albums & B.A.P goods for less than what it sells on Ebay! Do not miss your chance!!!

For any inquiries please message Isa at www.facebook.com/isabeliveau1
※ I ship worldwide from Québec, Canada.
※ All prices are in USD.
※ Let me know if you would like to have more informations about the condition of my stuff, album’s tracklist or DVD’s contents.
※ I only accept Paypal for payments.
※ When contacting me to ask for shipping fees, make sure you tell me your country (and zip code if you are from Canada or USA) and which products you would like to buy. I will answer with a price for your order including shipping to your home.

Since I’m moving to a much smaller place, I need to sell much of my stuff:

- Recording Take 3 (30$) – Photobook including One Shot, Rain Sound, No Mercy & Stop It official photos

- Unplugged 2014 (10$) - 4th Single Album + photobooklet + JONGUP photocard
- One Shot (70$ - includes all members pc!) – 2nd Mini Album TAIWAN VERSION (limited version with CD+DVD), 52p. booklet + EACH MEMBER photocards (6)
- No Mercy (15$)  – Japanese Single Type A (CD+DVD) + JONGUP photocard
- One Shot (15$) – Japanese Single Type A (CD+DVD) + DAEHYUN photocard
- Excuse Me (15$) – Japanese Single Type A (CD + DVD) + ZELO photocard

- Live On Earth Pacific Tour (3 DVD) + photobook (50$)
- Warrior Begins – 1st Japan Tour (1 DVD) (50$)

**Very rare!!!**
- 2013 Seasons Greetings (Calendar + Scheduler only) (60$)

- Files of the group from Live On Earth in Korea (Rain Sound theme) + Folders of the six members from Warrior Begins in Japan (One Shot theme) (15$)
- Matoki Lightstick Version 1 (25$)

You can get them for free if you buy something else!
- Badman – Yongguk
- First Sensibility – Jongup

Recording Take 3

Matoki lightstick ver.1

Live On Earth 2013 and Warrior Begins files set

Random photocards

Seasons Greetings 2013

Unplugged 2014

Excuse Me (Jp) Type A 

No Mercy (Jp) Type A

One Shot (Jp) Type A 

One Shot Taiwan ver. 

Live On Earth Pacific Tour

 Warrior Begins 1st Japan Tour


  1. Hi, i'm interested in the One Shot Album Japanese Version with the Daehyun Photocard

    1. I don't have a Facebook ACC so i can't sent a message, do you have some Email i can sent my interest??? Really stupid everytime only facebook -.-

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