B.A.P’s Original Japan Tour After 3 Years & 2 Months Starts From Toyosu PIT! Jongup, Daehyun & Zelo Reveal Their Self-Composed Solo Tracks!

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‪The youngest member Zelo revealed his self composed solo track “Blessing” for the first time in Japan. His inspiration was from his thoughts, “it’s a song that I created wanting to be able to cheer myself up. I’ll be glad if this will be that sort of a song to everyone too.”.‬
‪There was the message “I wish that this year will be a blissful year for all of you” included in the song too. In this day of solo track reveals, Daehyun conveyed that “this is a song that I created with old friends who are like family to me. I’m nervous.”, and took a breath before singing “YOU”, a Japanese song that he composed especially for the Japanese tour. It was a magnificent ballad that we wish to hear a CD recording of. ‬

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