Weibo Update by Himchan and Daehyun

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/!\ This is a masterpost for Weibo Updates of December


Just posted a photo to Instagram

Season's Greeting!!!!

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Today was a very long day. (Days) were short when I was young, today was also full with efforts, (and) as usual, I hope these light words will become warming words (for you). Goodnight

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Tokyo Tower

The two maknaes

They said they'll go and be back well. Of course this isnt a joke to increase the followers

We'll go to Japan and be back

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You know,Ii like you hehe this much this much this much this much  BABY

Let's pack up

I love you chu

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 It was a very happy day. Everyone goodnight #baby 

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See you at Sound K Radio

Beautiful sunset seen by chance a minute...! Who did you say we are?

Sound K!!! Radio!!! See you soon!!! Hehe

Take out all the chicken breast

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