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I apologize from our fans who came to see us and from the audience for my embarrassing stage today. I will be more careful and try harder so that this kind of thing will not happen again. I'm sorry. It's raining so I hope everyone will be careful and safe when going (back).

I'm feeling good since i saw you guys
Hold on Mochi-yah
(I'll give you) snacks

Top: One more stage is left now. I have no idea why (taking) selca is so hard. I have to get a haircut
Bottom: See you lateeerrr

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I received a gift at the shop first thing in the morning#OpposeTheDisbanding

Top: Baek A-Yeon's "Just Once" which FlowerBro Jaebum featured. Please listen to it a lot 
Bottom:(I hope you) Enjoy it

MBC: <FlowerBro> episode1. "You grew up a lot"
Global idol BAP's Youngjae, rising trend-dol GOT7's JB!
Their special day is starting!

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Everyone worked hard for The Show's last broadcast today. We ended it well thanks to our BABYs! A photo was requested with Victon who recently made my ears comfortable and it was taken happily. The song is so nice #baby

Barely manged to make it after The Show ended

trans cr. transforbap

Today was a good time as well since we were close to each other and could be together!
Always thank you everyone
I really love you

I love you our babies, love you

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What about me, my meat?
Where are you?

No, don't pay me back. I'll take (the clothes)^^
Alright, how much do i need to pay (for the meat)?
I'm gonna take the most expensive item from your wardrobe

Wealthy dongsaeng~ thanks! It's because I have a good dongsaeng
Wow seriously, saying "let's pay evenly" and coming without your wallet, wow! Pay back please
Daehyunnie treated

After a while at 9, let's meet at Guk Joo noona's Youngstreet hehe
See you soon at Guk Joo noona's Youngstreet (radio). anticipateee

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Top: Thank you, goodnight
Bottom: It's starting soon! BABYs come lets gather hehe

Everyone worked hard

Also please watch Daehyun's LieV a lot!!
I'm so thankful for today. Thank you so much for always being with us and lets all be even more happy! I will also do better so that you will become happier, I love you
VApp LieV after a while at 11! Many of you come and see it! hehe I will wait #baby

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See you soon

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I love you, those who I met on the first day of snow

It's the first snooooowwwwww

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It's snow

Please listen to Namolla Family-Lucky Man Yang Jinbum fighting

trans cr. transforbap

 It's snowing, I'm hungry and there is no time

It's snowing outside

It's snowing baby

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Top: Today must be cold, everyone sleep warmly! Hehe. Thank you so much for coming and see you again tomorrow.! I love you. Ah and us next week us B.A.P are coming out on Battle Likes, please love it alot!

Thank you today too everyone. Dress warmly like me when outside

trans cr. transforbap

 Apperantly Youngjae was so cold that he huddled himself up

Jennyhouse ^__^ 
I'll let you listen to even better songs in the future
So that the bride can feel hiphop while getting her makeup

Be careful of the cold

See you in a minute

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Those who have lips that droop when they lie on their side, hands up. See you tomorrow. Ah, you gotta wear warmly everyone

Merry Christmas in advance
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It's so cold

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You worked hard heh Ah by the way, Hyeji-yah sorry you look like Poong Poong but the rest, i might have over-exaggerated
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Bottom: Now I introduce you Yongjunnie hyung's new song. I like ballads a lot lately *sobs* make sure to listen to it!

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please anticipate
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 Please support my friends a lot who congratulated me so sincerely hehe #KNK #seungjun #yoojin

Top: Ahah I'm sorry  due to (being) nervous, I'd like to thank to our overseas fans who also helped us (for getting the win)!
Bottom:  As i keep living, I can really feel the happiness and get motivation through you guys, someone like me can develop and have various thoughts and experiences. I don't always say it but I'm always thankful and I love you. Korean-Chinese fans, thank you so much for voting (for us) today! Goodnight 

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Dae: My expression is so (...) I want to flick myself keke... We are... B.A.P who always doesn't lose our roots...

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The Show: The heroes of The Show's 4th week of November choice, noir movie star-like men, #BAP 😊 They're indeed special guys..!! I love B.A.P ❤️ #TheShow

Thanks to you, It was an amazing experience. Thank you

  Thank you! I've created another memory thanks to you guys. I don't know how I should express myself. Thank you and thank you again. Thank you (this one is in Chinese)

 This victory was made by you guys, thank you very much, really! I'll always show you my good image. thank you #baby

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Thank you πŸ˜³πŸ™


I miss you guys T_= Heuheu



It's cold

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Top: so cool #spoileralert #johnnydepp
Bottom: cute #demiguise

Middle: Then after O.F.D (One Fine Day) is over, call?
Bottom: Vapp call?

guys go back safely. thank you so much (for what you did) since morning today as well. heugyu heugyu (the sound that babies make while they sob)  Pyororong (cute way of Pororo)
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It was nice, I love you
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Top: Ballader πŸ‘πŸ™

Bottom: Successful. Fan heh but hyung #TheDots #AreMissing

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Good morning

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Top: Hard work does not betray
Trans cr. transforbap
Bottom: You guys worked a lot today hehe I was happy today thanks to you. Thank you

 Are your butts freezing?
I hope you can quickly go home, watch a fun movie as you lie on your sofa, wrapped in blankets with hot chocolate. As for me, not only fish cake but also ddokbokki and even fried food

Top: make sure to relieve your hangover

Bottom: I'm so happy since I can see you often like this!
the weather is also pretty cold, was it rain or snow just now... sleety
eat lots of fish cake and drink soup but don't burn your tongue while drinking fast!!!
keep your hands warm
go back carefully everyone
you guys have suffered a lot since morning
always love you
thank you very much for today too. PS. those who will relieve hangover, definitely (do it) ^___^

Top: This picture is like Winter. Go back quickly, take a bath and don't forget to take a medicine for cold today and then sleep. I got so worried since it suddenly started raining *sobs* thank you, I really love you
Bottom:really thank you... sorry for making you wait in this cold weather *sobs* so sorry

fantastic parting 2:8

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Top: Guys, have a nice lunch
BottomThanks to all the BABYs who came today. Everyone, heartie  cut my nails

Woah, today with power too

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Mocchi-yah I can't give you odeng
wait for me at home

2: hehhehe see you tomorrow
3: o.muk
Top: what are you up to? wanna fight?
Middle: it's omuk you buster!
Bottom: you SHOULD come, in order to eat o.muk

then sleep well everyone

leave some odeng for me toooooo ^_____^ nyunnunanna 

you're sitting behind hyung
tell him directly


Top:  Our lovely BABYs who are somewhere around
Muk: (and) silently watching us, cheering for us; thank you so so much. So when you come tomorrow, eat O.Muk. bye
Omuk: fish cake

Middle: i opened the door to go to the rehearsal but eh?
Bottom:  It was a rainy day but thank you BABYs who came today (despite rain) go back safely and have a warm bath! thanks to BABYs who watched us on TV, too! have a nice weekend

1: o.muk
2: Although it was raining today, i feel good because i look handsom
3. See you later
Middle:leave some omuk for me
Bottom: It was raining so you had a lot of trouble
be careful of the cold and leave some odeng for me

Are you okay (after) getting caught in the rain today?
I want you to go home, cover yourself with blankets and have a good sleep 

1: okay. o.muk
2:  We are preparing an Odeng truck for the BABYs who will come to us for Music Core tomorrow hehe if you want to eat Odeng, come to see uuuusssss
3: It was raining and cold so thank you so much for coming. Make sure to go home quickly and stay warm! I love you Music Bank directors, writers *hands up emoji* it was a very cool stage #baby
4. See you soon

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Going to Gyeongju, see you later... I can't sleep well in the car... I want to sleep

Bottom: I monitored it well, thank you

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Practice is over. It was a good practice. Sleep well and let's meet tomorrow #baby

See you tomorrow

'Did your exam go well?' You don't like this kinda talk, do you? I don't like it too; Did you did well? Was it good? These words make your heart feel uneasy and make you feel stressful. And now, for a moment, don't think of anything and just rest. It's okay if all of you do it took, hehe. Our exam-takers really worked a lot. You will get good grades for the efforts you made. You really had so much trouble and worked a lot; don't feel restricted by the results, if you did your best, I hope you will have a moment without any regrets. Even if the results don't come out as good, don't get dissapointed because you still will have many chances. The exam-takers in Korea, once again, you all worked very hard.

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Our BABYs who I love today too, we received an award together today thanks also BABYs who'll take the exam tomorrow! Don't get too nervous since this exam is just one of the many things that you will be experiencing as you become an adult! I hope you keep your tension at a proper level and do well! Oppa is cheering for you fighting!

Thanks to (you), we received an award
thank you

Lets work hard today too

Everyone eat this heart here
fighting (for) the exam hehe

Don't get sulky. Told you I was too nervous πŸ˜– our babys BABYs Babys who we love  we honestly don't need the award that we received today, it's all yours

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See you later

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Schedule is over

I'm giving all my love to the BABYs who came today hehe

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Top: (Response to Jongup)  Buy me one as a birthday gift

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Bottom: I knew it from before and seeing it slowly progress(,) I was very worried(.) After watching you on Hello Counsler yesterday I felt that you were very cool(,) Dongguen You're cool Peniel
Tran cr: transforbap

I'll earn a lot of money and give you a ride hyung 

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Top: This was the shot while I was memorising lyrics
In the last cut the hair stylist came running
Saying my hair needed to be fixed

-By Choi, Zelo middle school 2nd grade
Bottom: Supporting casts in the middle of acting diligently

trans cr. transforbap
Top: Did you #BAPOneFineDay
Bottom: Have fun watching #BAPOneFineDay
Top: One Fine Day #BAPOneFineDay
Middle: What time is OFD's broadcast?
Bottom: Wow haha

Thank you for being with us for the past week

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Top: I'm not heavy
Bottom: A tiring Monday when the rain pours like today. Have strength everyone figthing!

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Thank you so much for coming today
You all worked hard this week

Top: Thrice a day, I love you, I love you, I love you
trans cr. transforbap

Bottom: Thank you for coming today as well. I love you, I love you my loves heh

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Agoo, pretty! I love you!

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Everyone my butt is fine ^^
Always at the start of the day
Don't forget to do stretching
If you all laughed then I am satisfied with that
It's good

trans cr. transforbap

Goodnight everyone, sleep well and let's meet tomorrow

Top: I love you, I mean it
Bottom: Seeing you today again is like a dream. I love you. The recording was very happy, the fan meeting, too. And now let's go to fansign heh

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Sorry for taking this from too close πŸ˜†
Just one bite of churros (please)

Gotta go to the churros truck later

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If I'm born again, I'll be born as a 'bird' that flies in the sky
Since you don't have a part that's not beautiful until the crown of your head
I'll check on you in the blink of an eye and then leave

Let's meet at Music Core today

 Too many people came today!!! I was so surprised and touched. It's a shame that it was for a short time but i'm so thankful and happy! Guys be careful of the cold and see you soon! Baby πŸ’‹

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Let's spend a good day today too! Let's be happy

#LeeSora #DontTellMeItsNotLove

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Top: Ever since I was born, my family has been my everything; when I was going to school, my friends were my everything. when iI started music, it has become my everything. Since (the time) I started making music, I've found the most precious thing for me. The reason why I can't do anything but music, that reason is itself #baby
Bottom: Guys you worked a lot today, thank you and I appreciate it! See you tomorrow~! #baby

let's eat together...

Top: Eat a lot, eat all, eat even more
Middle: I'l do better tomorrow... wait for it
Bottom: Guys thanks for cheering for us today as well! I've gained strength so I'll work even harder. Be careful of catching flu since it's cold! Wear warmly when going (out) okay?

Everyone, I called a Churros truck for you tomorrow! I hope out BABYs stomachs will be filled even just a little bit

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thank you our BABYs *sobs*! seriously thank you so so much *sobs* heart

Translation © Fatma@BAPYESSIR.COM

The song is very good

Let's meet at KBS Music Bank

Inside the dark sauna
the flash in the sleeping room
is such a refreshing thing

Translation © Fatma@BAPYESSIR.COM

Top: Cute
Bottom: I lub you (T/N: He said it using aegyo)

See you tomorrow too

The photo looks a bit shattered. See you tomorrow. I was happy to see you today. I love you

MCountdown, Hi

Thank you for letting us listen to your song

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Thank you for being with us today. Goodnight

The path that we're on together is a flower path

It's starting soon

 I feel good to see you like this after a long time ha Be careful of the cold

HC: Thank you my Baby heh
Eric Nam: Congrats on your comeback album. The MV is... kekeke

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Heyo TV seriously (gives) healing...  Pyororong (TN: it's a cute way of saying Pororo)

today was very good!

Guys today was very good!! But guys, you definitely should eat before coming, my heart hurts... Guys, since we've started (promoting) now, please give us a lot of love. Uhm what I want to say is just that I love you hehe yolololelehihiho  

Top: Really thank you Heyo TV
Bottom:  Because it's been a long time in a broadcast station I was excited and happy hehe it was hard but I'm proud. Of course it was because I saw you guys!! go back safely everyone~!!! Thank you and I love you

Thank you so much for coming to MCountdown pre-recording today. Ah I love you

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 Wear warmly guys. See you soon

Translation © Fatma@BAPYESSIR.COM

Welcome, frosted flakes

trans cr. transforbap

Thank you to all that came today and I love you. Good night. I guess I need baby's

 Wear warmly guys. See you soon Esther@BAPYESSIR.COM

After the shooting scene

trans cr. transforbap


Come in!

trans cr. tranforbap

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Top: Always thankful, sincerely
Bottom: Guys
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Top: Oh yeah! Gotta win gifts!

Translation © Fatma@BAPYESSIR.COM

I cannot forget that look in his eyes after the song ends, the emotion that I most want to feel, the repetition of practicing again and again just for that moment. 3 minutes and 10 seconds, this short amount of time is able to let me become the happiest person in the world at this moment and allows me to start again. The short but precious times that we get to spend with you all, I will definitely make them happy ones.

trans cr. transforbap

I'm the king

trans cr transforbap

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 Me too ✌️


Thank you guys! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

The public relations team

Seriously, thank you ❤️

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I'm someone who doesn't really apply lip balm but thank you to the person who gave me an expensive one when I said my chapped lips hurt

Trans cr. transforbap

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trans cr. transforbap

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 everyone the teaser is out SKYDIVE
Translation © Shwen@BAPYESSIR.COM

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