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Hello STARCAST viewers! The hot trendy boy group B.A.P who recently received ‘Best Korea Act’ prize of ‘2016 MTV EMAs’ along with top 12 records in Worldwide iTunes Album Chart, Top prize of Billboard World Album Chart, and ‘Best Celebrity Prize’ of ‘2016 AAA’ is finally here for BABY fans! STARCAST heard B.A.P members prepared something very special unique for their beloved fans! Can’t you smell something very sweet here? Well, then it’s time to check out what B.A.P has got here! 

Jongup with new hair style is holding something.
What’s that? Oh, it’s sweet churros♡

Some mysterious churros car appeard in front of MBC on November 12.
It was B.A.P who prepared churros for their beloved BABY fans to celebrate November 11, which means ‘Sweet Day’ in Korea! (>_<) Yay!!!

B.A.P said they feel so full whenever they see BABY fans eating something yummy.
That’s why they decided to come up with sweet churros!
BABY fans are waiting for B.A.P’s handmade churros one by one!

Thankfully, over 500 BABY fans gathered to cheer B.A.P up! (T^T)
Did you enjoy the churros?

B.A.P gathered to meet up BABY fans after giving away churros!
Shall we start with cute ‘V’ sign? v(^_^)v

B.A.P members are greeting their fans with lovely finger heart!

B.A.P members are sharing their stories with BABY fans since they came all the way to meet them even though the weather was freezing!

The greatest fan lover Daehyun tries to take pictures of his fans!
By the way, B.A.P with black suit is love…♡

They concluded everything after taking a family photo with churros!
Well, churros event I over here but B.A.P won’t leave since they’ve got something else as BABY fans are not satisfied yet!

It’s the fan-sign meeting! 
B.A.P came to meet their BABY fans right after the churros event!

B.A.P is always so talkative whenever they meet BABY fans!
Anyway, shall we check the fan-sign meeting now?

What’s the greatest thing in fan-sign meeting?
Well, it’s an ‘eye contact’!

Wow, they do look so close to each other.
STARCAST felt so envy of BABY fans.
Shall we get closer, then?

First of all, let’s start with the handsomest guy, Daehyun!

It's just a picture but it fee;s like you're right in fron of him, right? 
Gosh, what's his feeling? 

Himchan goves a sweet eye contect and cute 'V' sign when one of his BABY fans called him!

Then youngest member is presenting his cuteness through adorable pose!

Followed by Himchan, Jongup is also attracting his BABY fans! 
By the way, Jongup’s new blue hair style was a great choice!
Don’t you think so? .. ㅇ<-<

Here come the real youngest member Zelo!
He’s trying to take a picture with serious pose!
Zelo’s new hair style looks perfect on him, too! 
Simply, Zelo looks good on everything~

Youngjae receives a doll gift from his BABY fan!

In fact, it was a duck doll which looked exactly like him!
He looks so cute all of a sudden

The youngest member Himchan looks so happy with a Pikachu hairband!

And Zelo is presenting his cute smiley face with a flower hairband!

Jongup writes something while waiting for BABY fans...

And Zelo tries to talk to BABY fans! ^-^ 

he time flies so fast since they were with BABY fans! T^T
Both B.A.P and BABY fans felt so sad about it… 
But don’t worry! Soon, you’ll be able to meet B.A.P through other fan-sign meetings and various music programs!
So please don’t feel sad and don’t forget to come and meet B.A.P boy!
The boys will be waiting for you!
Oh, don’t forget to enjoy the dance highlight video of B.A.P’s ‘SKYDIVE’ MV video!
They look so charismatic with ‘Noir Style’

At last, let's close up with Daehyun's  'thumbs up' pose for BABY fans!

BABY, you're the best!

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