[NAVER STARCAST]10mins of running time! Exclusively revealing the MV making of B.A.P’s Noir movie!

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Hi there, STARCAST readers! Finally, B.A.P of the most handsome + blockbuster class + action scenes that made our BABY to stay up all night has finally revealed the ‘SKYDIVE’ MV of their 2nd official album ‘NOIR’!! (Scream for joy) (>_<)
Raise your hands if you weren’t able to sleep by watching their MV all night!!! (I’m one of them) My eyes are red right now but it was definitely worth watching.. (ㅠ_ㅠ)

That’s why! I’ve prepared the behind cuts of ‘SKYDIVE’ MV just for you! You excited? Excited?!
Then, shall we go at once? GO GO GO! (^ㅠ^)

B.A.P stealing our eyes by their cool entrance from the beginning of ‘Noir’-movie.

Youngjae looking handsome with trench coat,

and Himchan who revealed his charismatic looks by transforming into the powerful man of the gang in the MV.

And! Jongup the X who made us stay up all night!! He really showed great acting in the MV, right?

This was one of the coolest scenes! Himchan threw the opponent away at once.. This scene made us to be absorbed in the MV! 

But our B.A.P let down their charisma for a moment by chatting with each other before starting the shooting (^_^) 

As the shooting started, B.A.P geared up their charismas! They’re definitely pros!

Our BANG-Leader also showed powerful acting. What can you not do..?

This place is?! The base of the B.A.P gang where Daehyun started to be suspicious on X! This scene surely made a serious atmosphere!

Actually, I thought that Jongup was the X by this time.. Am I the only one who thought like this? He showed his rebellious + sexy looks.. Such a good actor!!

The handsome Daehyun who’s also the main cast of MV, was perfectly acting his role of getting involved to the case. He never let the script go off his hands during the filming. 

BANG-Leader is also seriously checking on his script!

By their meticulous monitoring, the blockbuster class MV was successfully made (^-^)

Youngjae acting seriously. B.A.P just looks too much serious when shooting starts, but what will happen during their break time?

Their flowery smiles also made the staffs to smile with them..

And the powerful looks of Daehyun in the MV.

When he gets a message of ‘Kill Himchan’ from X,

He secretly tracks Himchan, but gets noticed at the end.

Were you afraid that Himchan might shoot Daehyun..?
But as Himchan believed in Daehyun, he just took the gun away from Daehyun and walked away. Himchan was too cool in this scene! (I’m too absorbed)

Lastly, the gun firing scene that looked like a real movie!

Zelo and Youngjae practicing with the director so that they won’t get hurt while filming!

They slightly got tired by the unending shooting,

But successfully ended without losing their smiles on their faces!

The behind cuts of their dance scenes specially revealing just for BABY!

Himchan and Daehyun’s parts which were slightly shown in the MV!

Himchan looking just handsome while monitoring,

and both of them giving strong looks at the camera (*^_^*)

All the parts were cool, but this part of Daehyun rising alone was super cool (+_+)

B.A.P paying attention in monitoring their dance parts
How legendary will their dance look like?!
If you’re excited, don’t miss B.A.P’s comeback performance in music shows (>_<)

So, did you have fun looking at the MV behind cuts that looked like ‘Noir’ movie?! 
By giving a hand to B.A.P members who’re showing their handsome looks in this official album.. I also thank the fans who showed their love by watching every teaser (*_*)

Then, I request you to continue your support and love for B.A.P. As BABY might faint while waiting for B.A.P’s comeback stage, I prepared still cuts of our main cast, Daehyun (^_^) 

Yes, they’re the same person (‘-‘)
Then, see you soon BABY!

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