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Top: Yes tomorrow
Bottom: Thank you, see you again.

Thank you to all the fans who came today. It's thanks to BABYs that I performed happily today. Thank you. I love you

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I was really surprised and happy that so many of you came today. (It was like) Receiving as much love (as the amount of Babys) Trying my best. So that i can make you listen even better songs, thank you. Don't worry about me. Worrying about a celebrity is the most unnecessary thing, my friend said hehe Thank you and sorry 
Thanks to everyone who came today and go back safely. My πŸ‘»

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Those kids who came today should take care of themselves and neveeerrrr catch a cold! Go back safely :')
When it comes to eating, (it's) indeed eating alone
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 It doesnt look good. As of today, That's My Jam official activities are over~! Thank you and I love you everyone. Let's meet with the next album 

Let's smile when it's time to smile

I'm seriously very envious of how good photos our fans take

Today is #0925

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Thank you for supporting me... It was my first time MCing on a big stage like this so It was fun! And it was good since i was able to see you guys often go back safely! You'll get scolded if you catch a cold!

1. finally found the answer
2. Today was very very happy, enjoyable and fun hehe I have to meet you guys. Seems like i will be healed! Everyone have a good night

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Im so happy we met, and see you later
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This is my 1700 days gift
I'm a day late but
please receive my happiness and become rich

1. Should I just...... shave it???
2. I didnt get the sides of my hair cut, I got extensions...
3. I miss you Baby ❤
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It's BTOB BLUE- Stand By Me

BTOB BLUE- Stand by Me. The song is so good. Everyone take a listen to it, it's good. Since we're at it, I should upload a picture. It's good.

I really want to sincerely thank you all who have been silently watching over us for 1700 days. Thank you

Year 2016 hoitjja

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Punch who doesn't listen to my words

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JiEun's solo album is out. The song is really good. Everyone check this out! please listen to it~!

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Top: I'm getting shy. This is very cool.
Bottom: It's really cool and beautiful

Right(,) there was a recording schedule(,) sorry everyoneπŸ™„

V App at 7PM tonight Body body Junhong-body everybody shake it body

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Monday after the holidays! Everyone tired right? Still it will all pass fighting!

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#YooYoungjaeGenius #FeatKimHimchan

a.k.a Desert Fox bymochiii

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Daily life

 Seeing the back view of my mom who came to my home to make food for her pitiful son who can't have a break because of work gives me extra strength and reassurance today. I miss my grandma too Rambling

1. It seems that everyone had a nice Chuseok so it's good hehe I had a good time too! This Thanksgiving (Chuseok) happened to merge with the weekend so we can rest throughly. Now let's have a nice weekend 
2.Did you guys enjoy the Chuseok?

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I'm sorry Hong-bewilderment, 
Everyone do have your meals - Senior Junhong-

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White Sooooooocksss

Top: Arriveeeeeeeeeed!
Bottom:We have

Arrival in Seoul

Freely~ My Sky🎧 #Iwillcomebacksafely

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Top: Smile
Bottom: Cute Kid

 the bravado shot taken by writer-nim #airbnb #holidayisliving

Top:If we had a house like this... #BAP #OneFineDay #airbnb#holidayisliving
Bottom: When it's vacation, it's indeed Hawai #BAP #OneFineDay #airbnb#holidayisliving

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bling bling bling
i like the things that sparkle heuhet
#dailylife #communication #ilikeit #followback #laugh

I wanna walk with you guys like this #but #thisis #zelo #ha

 Don't leave and go without me
Who's this person?

1:  After that, we'll go to a restaurant with a nice atmosphere and have a drink
3: And we should also watch the red sunset together
4: Let's go fishing too
5:Let's go have fun in the water together
7.: the sea that is a little less beautiful than you all

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Top: Today's sky and sea
Middle: Jung Daehyun life-shot
Bottom: #BAP's 'Make sure you watch it' message! Swag is overflowing
September 15 (Thursday) 5.15pm Don't miss #ISAC

Top: The captain who doesn't seem to calm down #captain

Bottom: A very tiring day ended and now that I can rest and lie on my bed, I think of you guys. Everyone (I hope) you have a good day and finish your days well, don't get hurt and be happy. Goodnight and I missed you

When you are tired and frustrated, i wanna be the strength for you, so that your days will only be filled with good things without getting hurt and sick! This is not a request, this is a threat! haha Miss you #baby

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I worry that no one was affected by the earthquake. I feel that, so the citizen can cope safely during natural disasters, the disasters provision manual should again be deeply analyzed and made revisions. I think that many people's work and interest will be needed

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Earthquake go away! Shoo

I was so worried. Everyone is well, right? Earthquake go away!

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Is everyone ok?

Top: People in Korea, I heard about what happened. Is everyone ok? It will be nice if you are fine.
MiddleGood morningπŸ‘» Expanding heart beatbeatbeat it's getting faster😎
Bottom: End of the Day too

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Bottom: Please go to Zelo's Instagram

Top: Everyone please like Daehyun's post in Instagram.. It was really hard for the last two days..

Bottom:   we worked hard to film this for you guys! Hope you guys enjoy it πŸ˜‰ I really want to come here with you guys ☺️

I'm going to upload the video soon! We made this for you guys so give us a lot of hearts please γ…Ž

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byzelo's video

Top&Middle: The full video will be uploaded if we have more likes than Daehyun's team. We filmed this for you guys.

Bottom: #OneFineDay

The full video will be released if we have more likes than Daehyun's team. We filmed this for you guys. I love you.

 Top: Everyone like our post; don't like Daehyun's post

Bottom: Don't write stuff like that


Don't press like on Zelo's post pleaseγ… πŸ˜‚

Top: #OneFineDay #bap #OneFineDayBAP 
Bottom: Everyone! I love you


You guys heard about the video being released at 9:42 right? Zelo, Himchan, and Jongup will release a video that will shake the world 

Everyone, soon after 30 minutes a video will be uploaded. Then, I need everyone to click the hearts!!! please lend us some help. Our babies who we love, please click lots of hearts ❤️❤️❤️

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One Fine Day at Hawaii


Here its good morning there its good night


We arrived safely


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1. We'll be back. We'll come back soom so wait. I love you

2. Let's (go) for vacation!!! GoGoGo!!!

1. We'll be back
2. Fall sky

  Indeed wherever i go, the first thing i see is you guys. i'm so greatful, thank you. i could gain energy from you guys all day today! go back safely ❤

1. thank you for always being support for me and giving me strength. i like you. Let's not get tired BABYs
2. thank you for coming today too. my BABYs i love love you
go back safely


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tired tired. goodnight


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Coming soon....!!!!! I really said too much.... kekekekekeke euak

Top: Ah today was so much fun hehe. Our baby sat at wonderful seats heheh. It was nice. Enjoy the rest of the concert and go back carefully!Thank you
Bottom: Strong HImchan is strong(.) Strong Himchan is super strong hehehe

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it's out. everyone, if you took pictures and what to upload like a preview or something please upload with himchyan. I want to look at it but can't search it. see you later


Top:I'm gonna sleep now γ… γ…  I'm sleepy... Everyone fighting! 
😌Middle:  Fan: Daehyun oppa-nim is very sleepy... buy me coffee too 
DH: I also wanted to buy for all of you... But if i really buy for aaaallll of you. Then I won't have money even to feed myself... Shall I secretly buy only to you?

Bottom: Fan: *things about how she wants a reply and also telling him to eat and stay healthy etc*
DH: Okay. You don't skip meals and don't get sick, too hehe

Top: Fan: Will you please give me a reply too. Why don't you reply to your Arab fans?
DH: No, what do you mean! I just couldn't it. γ…  Arab BABYs, you are doing well, right? We will always try hard to be able to meet you. Thank you 
Middle: Fan: Daehyunnie are you bored?
DH: a little

BottomFan: Do well on today's performance... me who has classes today is crying 
DH: Study well and come back πŸ˜Š

Top: Fan: What is oppa doing now?
DH: Right now oppa is talking to his girlfriend! ah! you are (my gf) too!... ewww (on his own grease xD)

Middle: Fan: Oppa did you have lunch?
DH: I did! You also shouldn't skip meals

BottomFan: kekekekekekekekeke take my card! use it all!
DH: Where are you? πŸ˜
Top Fan: (as a reply to DH asking 'will you treat coffee too?') yeah just come to that spot in the photo kekeke and i'll buy them all for you
DH: if i really go will you really buy me everything?

MiddleGocheok Dome hehe Performing day by day

Bottom Do you treat coffee too?


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The sweltering summer that look like it would never end is going away before we know it. it'll be fall soon and when winter comes, this moment will become a memory


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I know why people cry after a program ends because I almost cried πŸ˜’😭😭 everyone worked hard and I'm so thankful -Heyo TV 
I wish they can become more popular and loved program because the producer and writer are all good people. Fighting πŸ™πŸ»

My fans seem like very tender hearted and fragile people just like me hehe But I'm very strong now, thanks to you guys and I'm strong for you guys, I learn a lot from talking to you, listening to you, 

Our BABYs who we love, who kept watching us on HeyoTV all this time, thank you hehe You guys also know this, right? HeyoTV is the best! πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’ Our director-nim, writer-nim, camera director-nim, sound director-nim thank you!!!! #HeyoTV

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 HeYoTV: Everyone, you know tonight at nine?(wink)
#BAP # BAP #BAPsprivacy #HeYoTV

Daehyun: Of course γ…Žγ…Ž ❤️


Good morning😊


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go back safely everyone hehe i was so surprised and embarrassed because there were too many of you who came to greet us... i couldnt greet you all one by one but i'm leaving with a happy heart~! Bye hehe

Top: You worked hard! First overseas schedule with Sonamoo
Bottom: Fighting (for) today, too!

First: Shall we go to eat~? hehe
Third: oh~~~~ Since my lips look very ugly I could only post this in bw kekeke'
Fourth:  I missed you
Top:  I'm sorry
Bottom: Swollen...
Fan: hehe did Youngjae hyung made you post that? (the one JU posted about YJ's new IG account)
JU: That's right

Youngjae hyung started a new account 

I need to close my legs 

Top: I'll be back
Bottom: Boksil

I'll be back

Top: Then i also will go and be back
Middle: I'm sorry hehe I prepared my body, my mind and my time like this. I love you

yodel le hee ho
You all worked a lot


See you soon hehe #HeyoTV

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