Twitter Update by Yongguk, Daehyun, and Youngjae

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It's rainingggg πŸ˜” Guys take an umbrella with you so you won't get soaked

Top: Hahahahaha
Middle: again... he
Bottom: ew :') (i'll do it again slowly hih)

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Serious talk after ISACπŸ’• with Eric

It is indeed dangerous outside of the studio and the house. Everyone go back safely

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My dream is zelshionista
Thank you so much for coming to support and encourage us today γ…  You came without sleeping a bit but I couldn't be there much, I'm sorry😣 It must've been hard. You went thru a lot so go back safely  Ah! Also I didn't get hurt so don't worry about me. Goodnight πŸ˜‰

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It was a day where you guys worked even harder than us.

Top: One thing's for certain. Because of all of you and for all of you, we ran till our legs almost gave out. Just so you know hehe go back safely~!

Bottom: Thank you so much for coming today and I'm also sorry. I really love you hehe. It was touching and was a source of strength that you were by our side for such long hours so that we were not lonely. Although there weren't good results, I'm undoubtedly happy that we have another good memory with you all. Once again thank you and I love you

I'm really thankful for today everyone~πŸ™πŸ˜³πŸ”₯πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ Everyone go back safely
Top: It's been hard on you our Babys I love youγ… γ…  You know right?πŸ‘»
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Bottom: I didn't come out well but my BABYs look very good

Top: I took this for you guys. Wow here is ISAC waiting room#VIXX #NHYUNGNIM
Middle:Now here is #ISAC #KNK #YOUJIN
Bottom: now here is #ISAC

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Top: Sorry...tired..??? I know..... hang in there for a little bit. Soon us six will go meet you..... aja aja
Bottom: Come when i'm saying nicely, I'm gonna catch you

Will be able to do well today... Us...

silver grass zone
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See you later *wave* Ah! Come safely


When will I ever see my hyung that I really like again

You had a lot of hardships for the past week (T/N: Due to many fansigns) Let's gain strength and be happy. I care about you.

Thank you so so much for today. It was very fun hehe I have no idea why I keep getting more and more shy when I'm in front of you guys phew. It's embarrassing. See you later hehe

I love you. I can't keep going if we don't keep walking together

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Today was really fun hehe It must've been hard on guys for coming all the way to Daegu. Go back safely. And our Daegu Babys, have a goooooooddd rest when you reach home. Let's have a goodnight

My sister sent me a picture from at least 7 years ago. A family photo taken during my sister's graduation ceremony

 It was nice meeting with our BABYs in Daegu today! I don't know if our BABYs could go back safely~ Go back safely! Also don't skip meals!!! And let's meet again!! Bye!

 When I go to the movies, I get this odd feeling that it's as if I'm the one who made the movie, I love today as well, BABY.


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Top: One day I'll show you guys the full song γ…Žγ…Ž
Bottom: Just tried making this with my friends. A present 
😊 Jaehan, Woongrae

His heart is like a Pomeranian??? kekekeke

Why are you so curious? Punch's heart is like a Pomeranian (dog)

The weather in Seoul is so good today πŸ™ˆ

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Cute right? My bed guardian angels


Please just let me in UpJung hyung

Something cool in next life

Going home after working out


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Top: I love you baby. Goodnight I love you
Bottom: Don't miss BAP's PRIVATE LIFE on Heyo TV starting from 9pm. Let's do it!



In the End

Would you like to dance before the end of the work, with me?

Why did you go out


Because of the Powerful* Cheers concert, my name totally cannot be searched... Of course I am performing there too. Therefore I, Kim Himchan, hope for the Powerful Cheers concert to go well. Hehet

T/N: Himchan also means powerful in Korean

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Been a while since I ate this much but bye bread

God has let go of the weather

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From Busan to Seoul by ourselves

Today was very fun as well. I love you! ah... the lighting *sobs*

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kekekekekeke going

It's really hot

See you soon! ~!! Busan

Sleep well

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Top: Good Night

Top: Thank you and love you 

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Top: i like you
Bottom:(after) concert dinner among ourselves 

Top: Daehyun - How about you (feat. ???) prod. by Eungrae, Jaehan Coming soon~!
Bottom: Yjay: Jung Daehyun keeps singing Tears in the room next to mine ah!
Dae: kekekekekekeke
First: wait for me singing Tears i'll do it

Second: kekekekeke TS Karaoke cameraman.manager Yoon

Third:it came to my mind after a long time

Last:  in the future, for you guys... very immensely and extremely... i want to speak but this gets funnier so (i'm cutting it) here. i want to do the fanmeeting quickly keke

Top: please don't kill my joy it'll be harder for you
Bottom:  Jung Daehyun keeps singing Tears in the room next to mine ah!


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Let's smile
A night when I miss the fans. I love you

A mixtape where I only shout
It feels like hell recently X trend
I am better than you, all rappers say that
Let's relief our stress together at Itaewon U
unqualified support
A sponsor of genuine purpose respond it
I'll be a security personnel 
I won't write anymore lyrics at the unfamiliar image
say Boys don't do it
There are so many things to do before I leave work
At this rate I can't go home
As I try to continue my dreams from this mind map
My head hurts my head hurts to visualize them, save me
I love you so much baby baby I deserve to die
As my consciousness flows

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Sleepy - So What
Songwon hyung's new song is released!
Please listen to it a lot


Ah there is no "exactly" Yongguk-hyung heumi
trans cr. transforbap

What the hell did I do wrong?
I'm praying for Sleepy hyung's dream of being a director

I recommend Sleepy's So What

Top: a little later at 12 #SLEEPY #SoWhat #Release
Bottom:What in the world did I do wrong?
*Sleepy's new song's literal translation is 'What did I do wrong?'


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Top: Heyo tv: See you tomorrow! Victory!
Dae: Yeah! Victory^^

Dyed my hair

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 Despite a hot weather like this *sobs* Thank you for coming to Imjingak. I love you BABYs and go back safely

Surprise Vapp

BTOBAP using the same waiting room today hehe

A short time ago I went to Safari. While we were shouting 'let's begiiiin' the operator (of the ride) said 'okay I will start' so I shouted 'let's begin~~~!'
There were no adult man in that bus except us.... Why did we get so excited? haha 


I'm Daehyun the shrimp


Thank you so much for coming today hehe it was a little embarrassing but... see you tomorrow everyone!!! It's very hot so shield yourself from the sun~!! Also, thanks for the gifts  #baby


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It's hot


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 I've come home. Let's have a good night. See you tomorrow


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Ninja Turtle time

See you tomorrow

Finally our hyung's song came out... Gotta listen to this too... There are too many awesome songs nowadays... I should check them out hehe Please listen to this a lot~! #HoneyG #BaeJaeHyun 

Fan: I dont want to sleep. Let's go hang out. Come out!
Dae: Where should we go? kekekeke

Fan: Al... already fell asleep?
Dae: Yeah, i sleep quickly

Guys why are you so sincere... I get embarrassed you know hahaha I will never say anything to make you worry so dont worry haha but still, thank you for worrying about me, goodnight everyone

 When I feel like it's all over and that empty feeling takes over, I neglect my thoughts and empty my mind and then the first thing is practicing. Heading towards 6th year woooooooooooow

Super fun keuk
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How can someone only hear nice words. If they are not sincere words of advice then isn't better for yourself to not bother about them? It would be good if everyone only hears nice words and experience nice things!!! I still love you whenever 
Trans cr: transforbap

thank you (for) 1m followers

everyone ate, right?

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It was really fun today. I'll always come to you with an even cooler image

Here, let's watch


Ah I'm happy~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#baby

Top: The best guard-hyungims who were so friendly taking care of us. Security hyungnims!!! Thank you hehe
Bottom:I really seem to have been really happy and enjoyed myself a lot today. That is thanks to all of you and it's only possible because all of you are here. Seeing myself who has learnt so much and become a better person because of all of you. I think to myself that I really must be a blessed person. I will become develop further and become a Daehyun who works hard. I love you

trans cr.transforbap

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WOW... You shouldn't have hidden yourselves hehe

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Top: I'm a hibiscus 

I'm a black rose


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good nightie~

Another Pink Addict

Have a happy day everyone~! and think of me once hehe

Everyone the weather is like a steam pot! If you eat ice, your teeth will become bad! 😏
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The things that our BABYs do are really cute (Predicted response from fans: 'You are cuter')


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That's my jam


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The sun is rising
Let's have a day that's worth living guys
I love you

You know this right..? The one I care about the most, my first and last is always you #baby

How will I feel when our song comes into the world on August 8? This song really is a song that we wanted to make more than any other (type of) songs so I'm even more curious



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lets work hard today as well

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Top:Sonamoo who visited our studio!!! I drank the coffee well and I love fruit juice too #BAP #SONAMOO #TS
Bottom:Jenny House family who always works hard for us and give us strength #BAP #jennyhouse #family

Go back safely bye

Go back safely! Thank you for coming to meet us

Let's go to Korea #BTOBAP

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go safely everyone

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