Interview with “B.A.P & Secret’s choreographer” Park Sanghyun (160710)

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Only questions pertaining to B.A.P are translated

―In B.A.P’s case, I heard Jongup and Zelo created the choreography for “FEEL SO GOOD”. As their choreographer, is the seeing the member’s growth very satisfying?
PSH: The two of them choreographed it well so it was easy for me (laughs) Zelo and Jongup would discuss amongst themselves and then show me what they come up with. I would tell them beforehand what sort of moves would be suitable. Maybe because I’d learnt dance from Kang Wonrae, but if the artists themselves can produce creative content, then I believe that something of high quality can be made. Even if it’s not something with the perfect details, it’ll be much easier to communicate if the artist drew up the basic foundation.
― What sort of charm does the group B.A.P hold?
PSH: B.A.P are just interesting fellows. That interestingness is good. I think good works can be produced because they are interesting. Yongguk is exactly what you’d expect of a leader. He will do anything. A creator. Although Himchan isn’t a strong dancer, his reaction whenever he dances is very good. He’s a member who can perform. Daehyun is a total mood-maker. Full with spirit and his skills continue improving. He strangely has an “old school [hip hop]” feel. Youngjae too also voices his opinion often. Jongup will quietly do what he needs to do. I feel like Jongup will do something amazing in the coming 1-2 years. ZELO is truly overflowing with talent.
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