[UPDATE: OFFICIAL MV][MemoryLane] Feel So Good (Japanese Version) Music Video Released!!

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On Memory Lane, they released a music video of Feel So Good in Japanese!!! Everyone Enjoy!!


  1. haha~cute af! i love it! although i still love the korean version one. ^ ^ giri giri~fall in love~hehe~cute although it sounds strange at first at the part of the chorus line!^ ^' but overall~i totally love it! ;) p.s. love our Daehyunie act so funny a lot here!^ ^ others too not bad! ;)

  2. i'm listening to My Girl on repeat!^ ^ and i still & totally love it! ;) p.s. i wanna get this japanese version of this Feel So Good song on their single album but dunno if i can or want to get it or not. that depends on my budget too tho. :\ and believe it or not i'm still waiting for my Best Absolute Perfect japanese full album,the one with the limited edition for it to arrive and still i'm waiting for it to arrive tho. just what sort of late delivery is this. :S