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Are you doing well?
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I'm always thankful to you guys, thank you. All of a sudden I felt like saying these words before i go to sleep hehe bye
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The night I can't go to sleep
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Cra'beat- Just A Moment
Zero is my friend!
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 Hello goodnight and see you in a bit baby❤

Although late..!Really thank you for doing so many things for me. Last year I heard that it came at coffee shops so I went to take a look but this year, I am overseas. I love and thank all of you who made my birthday meaningful. 
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I miss everyone <3 BABY
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Top:  ! Himchanie Hyung !
Real Time Search #2
Please go to Naver right now and click.
Please don't forget

Bottom; Ah keke Himchannie 
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Kim Hee Mu HBD

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Getting ready for the concert. Jongup go wash your hair and come back

Top: He is doing it. Swimming, exercising...
Middle: With Hyung-nim whom I met in LA. The sunlight in LA is really... #LAyeobddok

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What are you doing?
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Hi. See you soon hehe
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Top: Arrival/Reached
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Bottom: Today seeing that many of you came to meet us, I felt very happy and fluttered. I'm so thankful and I got strength from seeing your faces!!!! Thank you and I love you. We'll be back soon
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Keu should apply some body lotion on the butt as acknowledgment of hard work after taking the plane hehe
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Whenever it's a beautiful day like today, I want to be with you guys baby heart emoticon
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Fan Heart Attack Idol TV B.A.P episode
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ㅠㅠ GOOD....!!!
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Alpha Alpha Reply Alpha. Handsome Yooseob #DescendantsoftheSun #Pigeon #Friend #Yooseob

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Today is Feel So Good last fansign! My condition isn't really good so I feel really sorry to those that came from far away... Sorry, Thank you and I love you
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Mochi-ya(,) can't you just go to sleep like that(?)

It seems like tomorrow will be a very happy day. I want to you soon. Forget about all your worries, problems and stress, only think  of us and let's spend an enjoyable time together!! See you tomorrow. Sleep well hehe
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Tomorrow we will prepare a location for a public fansign in order to see our fans before starting our tour! I hope many of you will be able to come! Let's meet tomorrow so we can see you before we go 

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Top:With donggoridongdong donggeun. Eunkwang hehe. Ah so fun BTOB is  really cool 
Middle:Goddess *shivers*.... Find Me👍 Hyosung-nuna fighting!!!
Bottom: Wow hehe Boys Republic. Fighting!

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Yongguk: I'm like that too which is why I made albatross to make my own self heard. I made it for my self. Let's listen to it together
Fan: Respectful Yongguk oppa, I have a really low self esteem, what should I do? I keep thinking that I am not good and it makes me anxious, I'm afraid of the future and if I imagine it I can only see a dark me crying. Do you think I can get better?

Translation © Kei@BABYzPR

#Night #Rain #MyClothesIsPrettyRight #PLAC #PLAC

Practice let's practice I have to go to practice

Have a good dream~~!

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 I came back to Korea safely. With this album promotion I thought I wanted to give you guys some good energy but, on the opposite I received from you all some good energy. Thank you so much.Even if the album was kind of late, thank you for waiting for us and for always loving us. I love you ^^"

I feel so thankful. Thank you! And see you later.

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I am not sleeping @BAP_Bangyongguk: Sleeping?
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I'm sleepy but I miss you baby #AlphaDaehyun #translator
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tell some other lies
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I wish Himchan-hyung would gain more weight.
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Who stole my hotel slippers? Aaah!
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