[LOE Concert Tour 2016] Help support Canada for their project!

Support Canadian BABYz for their project!


Canadian BABYz are organizing a series of projects that will be going towards the Toronto concert. Their fan projects include:

Fan chants
  • Feel So Good 
  • One Shot 
  • 1004 (Angel)
Small Banner 
  • They'll be ordered on google (payment through Paypal or e-transfer), the saying will be translated as "I'll be by your side forever". It will be held up during the song of "With You" and you can order here. You can also print off the banners also with this link here
Big Banner 
  • A bigger banner will be made for the fans to sign before and after the concert and will be given to BAP for them to take home. BABYz will have the choice to write short, meaningful messages to BABYz. The banner will say: Together again & Stronger
One tier cake 
  • They'll design a one tier cake that is still being approved for by TS before they start making the cake. 
  • If they have extra money at the end they will do a raffle randomly selected (2-3) BABYz a chance to win various BAP goodies. Those who donate $5 (1 entry), $10 (2 entries), $20 (3 entries) and $30+ or more (6 entries). 
  • In order to be eligible for the raffle: 
  • You must email baploe.torontoawake@gmail.com 
  • Subject - BAP Toronto donation 
  • Email content - Name (First + Last), how much you donate and payment proof (Receipt) 
Altogether the funds needing to get all these projects will be around $500, you can donate to the crowdfunding page linked here

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  1. How do you make banners? Im going to the vancouver one though.