B.A.P's "Fan Heart Attack Idol " Video

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Please try to watch HERE FIRST for it to count towards views! If it is not available for you, then watch it below.

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Air Date: 21:00 (HKT), 22:00 (KST) on April 9th. Please mark your calendars!

Please watch the previews and the full episode on YinYueTai's official site (its better than Tudou). P.S. You can watch it on YouTube late with subs but the view will not count. 
B.A.P's episode need as many views as possible beacuse they are competing with other group's episodes that are already online (BTOB, Lovelyz, Monsta X) We have TWO WEEKS. If we for this right, BAP might be able to do another episode of the reality show! 
So please at least watch once on YinYueTai's site, but you can always erase your browser cookies and watch again to gain view. The previews also count. 

Source/Credits: bbangception and @hellosays34 


  1. you know what? how i wish our B.A.P boyz continue this reality show without even competing. i'm sure many babys/babyz will agree with my opinion. because why? i mean,if our boys did not win that means we cannot see the next episodes of their story then? don't you think that sucks? right? i mean i really missed their fun and them being playful once again especially DaeJae!^ ^ they were so cute and playful and added to that BYG-appa with his wide gummy smile and along with other boys,omg!X3 I cannot even imagine it!X3 this show is gonna be great! really,i'm not gonna lie! so,why can't we continue B.A.P's Fan Heart Attack reality show,hmm? instead or without even competing. if not let our boys' agency or company do it in a separate way by not making them join,just to compete with some other groups because afraid that if they/our boys did not win then we won't have any chance or won't be able to see them in next episodes in continuation anymore,don't you agree? :\ I hope the agency/company will give it a thought about it. really,i missed B.A.P being funny once again,like seriously. especially on to their reality show. please~for the sake of fun & for the sake of their fans. :'( because it had been a very long time since we have not seen the funny side of B.A.PP since or during their debut time in their own reality show. :'( p.s. and if there a dvd release about/for this,i will definitely buy it! ;) 100% guarantee!^ ^/ trust me,our B.A.P boyz did not failed to dissapoint anyone who've yet to see their funny sides or reactions from their funny clips!^ ^' lol~

  2. This B.A.P's Fan Heart Attack reality show will be the best laughing video clip of this year of 2016! ;) I can guarantee everyone out there! ;) I mean i've seen some of their funnies in every of the short clips of them on instagram just now. how i wish the boys will continue the episodes even without winning it in this completion. I mean,why compete when they can continue the episodes anyway even without joining some other groups but just to compete,right? :\ I mean they can have their own separate ways without competing if they want to,right? :S

  3. Hi I know I'm late but I'm searching for the full video of Fan heart attack TV BAP episode, but I can't find it. Every links I found were dead, and every video were deleted by Youtube. You can find it on Viki, but there's no subs. Can you please translate it? Or do you have any links that works?

    I'm sorry for bothering you. Thanks you for all the work you put in promoting BAP to international fans etc.

    A fellow B.A.B.Y