We will trend /#HappyBangsterDay for Yongguk's Birthday at 12AM KST on March 31st!

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Join us in celebrating our favorite gummy leaders Birthday! Make sure to use the hashtag to show our birthday support!


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  1. Happy birthday papa bear!!\^ ^/ love you so,so much! psst~i just bought my Carnival special edition cd album just now and i really,really love it!X) i'm still waiting for the normal one tho. i dunno why it did not arrived together with the special edition one. because i remember i pre-order both normal & special edition/version altogether. i bet even the owner of the local kpop shop i usually shop a lot did not have a clue either. because it depends on which place the shipping go first,the owner local kpop said,which he is only guessing. and that's why mine is way too late in receiving the delivery stuffs or things. sigh. :\ anyways~once again~happy birthday,Gukie-appa! we babys/babyz all around the world love you for what you've been creating & loving B.A.P too from bit to pieces! we love the way you are!and also B.A.P! you're both most talented & a hardworking leader! love you,stay healthy & do take care of yourself,ok? ;) with love from Baby76. :)