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Let's wipe our nose before it runs

I'd like to give my thanks to everyone who celebrated my birthday. When I saw that you gave donations, support and love to our neighbors who are in more difficult situations than us, once again I felt so moved. I love and respect all my fans around the world.
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Thank you for coming today. I'm happy we could meet! It was really a happy time. Thank you, I love you. 
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We will meet very soon!
(T/N: He took the mistake to write "あいましょ". It should be "会いましょう".)
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Good Evening (in Japanese)
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Next door neighbor
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Today as well, I love you!
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I'll be back baby

Gotta go roaming

Hello hehe

heu heu

#JunHyoSeung #Colored #FindMe It's out!!
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Thank you for taking so many pictures (of me/us) today haha You are so talented for making me able to look so handsome haha thank you!

All the BABYs who came today. I was so surprised... I didnt know so many of you would come. Thank you so much and go back safely!!! 

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What's up? / What are you doing?

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Everyone I love youuu
Daily temperature difference... (wear) warmly keke

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Good Morning!

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Kibum's cheek fat is missing
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Thank you so much and it was an honor. Thank you to your fans too for loving Sukira a lot and please continue to love it in the future.

Till the last (radio,) thank you and thank you very very much. Sukira writer, directions, Ryeowook-hyung, Younghee nuna, Taehoon-hyung. Really really thank you! It was a very happy period!! And I really have affction for the babys I love, thank you and go back safely!!!
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Everyone do eat your meals~! /Everyone, please do have meals properly~!

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Good Morning baby

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Everyone please appeal with what you can do

Everyone do check other peoples stare right? Confidence can be a charming point but with a poor way of expression the confidence might also make people mad.It's good if you can express yourself. I think being sick in the heart will only make things bigger.

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Ah! Daehyun hyung left the seat next to him empty hoot

 Love you guys today as well

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Place the ear at a higher status than the mouth
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I love you

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Minjae0ya, you're so kind and cool, and act well too... Makes me envious. What are you lacking in... (hope your) drama hits daebak~! #MyLittleBaby #Minjae #MusicCore

I'm a fan hehe (they) took the picture readily #BigBrain

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Top: Spring is here. Baby

Middle: Ing (it's a sound to act cute)

Bottom: The weather is so nice. It's more nice and happy being with everyone. Thank you

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We ate it well!!

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Wah....... there's really really a lot. Really I will eat it well!!!! Thank you for coming today!!!

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Top: Wow
Bottom: To be honest, I woke up 5 minutes ago...

Top: I'm sleepy. It's gonna be live, I'm in trouble.
Bottom: Wake up
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My close friend for years, Sejunnie is participating in a play (in theater) Please show it a lot of love
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Today too, thanks

In my heart, you guys are the first, thank you I love you.

Little Kids with speaking Talent (T/N: It means that they are good with words and have talent)

Today I'm the one day MC for the Show!!! Youngjae and Zhoumi hyung!! Don't miss it!

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#TheShow #MC 

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We are still young, wild, and free

Top: Let's meet tomorrow

Bottom: Dream of me

Whether its compliment or criticism, its all still words for me~~. I like it all ㅎ ㅎ. So our pretty babys, quickly go have a blissful dream! Got it~? Sleep well. See you tomorrow, oppa will be the special mc tomorrow ㅎ ㅎ. Let's meet for a long long time, sleep well!

Top: See you tomorrow ㅎㅎ

Middle: Okay, I got it ㅎㅎ I will work even harder, thanks~! ㅎㅎ

Bottom: Was the song average?? I think it's alright hmm. I shall work hard to sing better. Everyone goodnight. I will practice harder and sing a better song for you guys ㅎㅎ and my neck is really okay, so don't worry too much. Sleep well! ㅎㅎ

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Young street. Coming soon
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There will be a special stage for The Show tomorrow, so please many of you come to see it! See you tomorrow! 
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Eating the meat, it is yummy! With Jongup, Daehyun and Suwoong.

I'm happy today as well

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I want to express my respect towards Lee Sedol
(Lee Sedol is a famous go-player. He was competing against Google's super compuer AlphaGo and beat it)

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See you soon
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Sorry I just wanted to play a joke just once. Also I rushed to take the picture sorry... alot
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Today was great too

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Will eat it well
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Jieun uploaded a selfie and I thought I heard her voice in the picture as well but I realized right next to me there song jieun
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I'm not thinking of anything
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It's a day with a really nice weather
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 Thank you, everything was possible because of our fans. That's why this trophy is for them, love you.

 Today was very thrillingㅠㅠ!! Thank you so so much. It was all possible because of youㅜㅜ!!! To all BABYs thank you so much for everything and love you.

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Firstly, I don't know why I went to boast to my friend of 8 years, the reply that came is expected of a friend.

The Show prerecording today! Even though it was only once, I was happy we were together.
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Today is a really really blissful day!!! I will eat it well. Go back safely

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Ha...^^ I ate it by mistake....^^ha...mistake

Stop eating my food, no wonder I'm losing weight

Trans cr. Nicole@baptrans

The guy's back while getting nail care

 After the schedules ended, among the members. Thank you to the babys that were with us the whole day I love you

The variety that oppa is on, is airing now. Hello Counsellor. Hope many of you go watch it. Now Right Away Right Now

 I'm happy that we are together this morning too

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Children, eyes (eyesight) will get bad

Translated by Shwen@BAPYESSIR.COM

Today I am really happy to be together (with you) until the end.

Translation cr; B.A.P. PH

Today was also the best

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The Inkigayo pre-recording was short but it was good. The weather is nice and being able to be with you all it was really nice. Have a good day today! Thank you again!

Translation cr; Nicole@baptrans

 I feel happy too today, thanks to you guys

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Whenever I come to Music Core the flower petals...
(Tn: He retweeted the fan's tweet) 
Every time Yoo Youngjae-nim goes to Music Core, he eats flower petals 

Trans cr; nicloe @baptrans 

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 Thanks for coming a lot today also I really like you and love you (T/N the word is more "affection" than "love")

trans cr. woojung@baptrans

I will eat it well!!!Really today was really fun right?

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Stop (the rain)

trans cr. transforbap

The weather is really good so I'm happy for a good day! The feeling is good, today too.

Should watch it

*MPD: Finally released #BAP #FeelSoGood MV Commentary! Stories you can't hear from anyone else but here #AdlibWar #IToldYoutoDoIT #ItsMyIdea #BecauseOf That #ItCantHelpButBeFun so watch teh broadcast overflowing with beagle-like BAP 100 times

Translation © Shwen@BAPYESSIR.COM
*Trans cr. nicole@baptrans

Thank you I'll eat it well. #?? #AttentionGrabber

 It has been you guys who have given me strength during hard and trying times, you're really all like the warm spring sunshine. I will use these and work hard to have you listen to more good songs. Thank you so much, I love you

Trans cr. Nicole@baptrans

The weather is so good/weather is good

As I'm blowing with the wind~~ feel so good

*Note: He deleted the post

euahhhhhh the weather is gooooood. euahhhhhhhhh

Translation © Esther and Shwen@BAPYESSIR.COM

B.A.P, Russia . New Zealand K-Pop Solo Concert 'The very first'

Translation © Shwen@BAPYESSIR.COM

Don't miss MCountdown! Feel So Good!

Translation © Fatma & Shwen @BAPYESSIR.COM

#MelonStarDJ #InvitingYou

Translation © Shwen@BAPYESSIR.COM

Come to see VApp

Today at 7 Show!Champion, catch it live! So cool

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Try learning it
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When it's hard, without drifting apart
Being beside me when I need you the most
It's just enough

by, heungeul

Thank you for being with us since early in the morning today. Thank you...! I'm thankful I like you I love you I love you I love you

Translation ©Fatma@BAPYESSIR.COM
Everyone have a happy goodnight. See you tomorrow

I'd like to give my thanks to our fans who were with us literally all day today. I like you.

Busan was very good ;_; Guys it was really really great meeting you! Thank you and thank you even more and I love you hehe go back safely

MTV the Show prerecording mini fanmeeting was very enjoyable today

Today you did well on the fansign and showed us too much affection. I like it.

[VLIVE] B.A.P VRING U (Fansign)

Thank you very much for coming for us even the weather was very cold today! Be careful of the cold and go back safely

Today's fanmeeting was spontaneously demanded by me so there wasn't a notice beforehand. I'm saying this because i heard there are fans who said they couldn't come because there wasn't a notice about the fanmeeting (i'm not 100% sure about this sentence but its probably close meaning^^) Before the activities end, we will do more of these and we will meet again wink emoticon

Translation ©Fatma@BAPYESSIR.COM

I listened to the performance very well #withdannyjung

Everyone today is is Independence Day! Let's start this day with a devoted heart! Remember!

Translation ©Fatma@BAPYESSIR.COM

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