[STARCAST] B.A.P appeared in Busan! ‘CARNIVAL’ fan-signing event. ‘Be careful’, their sweet eyes can make your heart flutter.

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Hello everyone! Have you heard the news that B.A.P who is working hard with the 5th mini album [CARNIVAL] created a bee farm in Busan? Famous ‘fool for fans’ B.A.P appeared in Busan to meet B.A.B.Y living far! The sweet place as if they drop honey from their eyes when looking at the fans. Let’s have a look together ♡.♡

March 1st, a meaningful day, somewhere in Busan. The door has been opened and PD Bang walks in. 
1st job: Leader of B.A.P / 2nd job: Beekeeper 1 

It’s Himchan and Jongup to make catwalk automatically as they start to walk and transform an ordinary carpet to a runway. 

"Hello, we are B.A.P, yes sir!" 

Fast drum beat! Eye-contact and ‘V’ for a short break before starting fan-signing event! (^.^)v

The autograph must taken in serious mood?

No, it’s not! The real fun for the fan-signing event is lively atmosphere! Daehyun seems to be especially fun as he came to his hometown Busan after long time.

Bang Yongguk also looking so happy (^_____^)

Why am I not Tigger?

Daehyun is so happy about receiving giant snack! The main vocalist of B.A.P who has awesome appearance and skill becomes... 

A peek-a-boo rabbit!

There are Jongup tiger,

and Zelo frog.

Even a bear appeared!

"Teddy bear?"


(Look elsewhere) (Focus on autographing)

Ctrl C + Ctrl V for Jongup’s sweet eyes looking at B.A.B.Y to every fan. 

The difference is a shy heart around his eye...!

A heart on the back of Youngjae with pretty hairband’s hand ☞♥☜

Those two must be proposing over the monitor now, right?

Today’s fan-signing event ends with the youngest member Zelo’s double V.

‘Takes a photo with the landmark of Busan that you should not miss if you talk about ‘Busan’.

Don’t feel too sad if you could not come. There are more fan-signing events left still! Hope you have ‘Feel So Good’ rest of the day and have a happy weekend with B.A.P! *(^o^)*

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