'Feel So Good' First Win on The Show

Posted by Melanie@BAPYESSIR.COM

Congratulations BAP on their first win for 'Feel So Good' on SBS The Show. It 'Feel So Good' to have the boys win on their comeback! Yay BAP!!! Let there be more to come and BABYz great job on your hard work to make this happen!


  1. Chukahae!!(congratulation!!)~B.A.P!! Thank you babys/babyz(old & new fans - even the ex-/former fans who had come back again)and non-fans who supported and give congrats to our beloved B.A.P boys - i thank you so,so much!! Forget negativity and always keep calm & move on and carry on our duties,ok! if we still love this fun-loving,well-behaves boygroup who also love to do charity a.k.a B.A.P - continue spreading your love to them. They are good boys. No regrets at supporting them. ;) Love you all!!\>3</~<333333

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