Weibo Update by Daehyun

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/!\ This is a master post of B.A.P Weibo Updates for February

i miss you 

I can't write chinese, I can't write korean too. So what I can give you, is only the photo kkuehk

Don't tease me for being ugly
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(A/N: This is the same Video from Instagram)
Ein von byzelo (@byzelo) gepostetes Video am

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How are you? I miss you very much. heh. Please look forward to our new mini album!

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오랜만에 조미형과🙈 @周觅MI

It has been a while with Brother Zhoumi / Zhoumi Hyung.


He also changed his DP on Weibo to it as well

B.A.P 5th mini album <CARNIVAL> 티저 이미지(Teaser Image) - DAE HYUN #BAP #CARNIVAL #DAEHYUN

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