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I don't like honest pictures

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You worked hard at the recording today

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So many came today as well, thank you. It's cold so go warm yourself!

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Soon we have Inkigayo don't. miss. it!!! See you in a minute!

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It's snowing white-ly

Oppa's weakness seems severe Daehyun-ssi haha

Today, too many of you came to Inkigayo and gave us huge cheers so thank you for that .i love you. This picture is the couple shoes of me and Daehyun, taken by me

Go back safely

O...Okay.... just...look at us a little..... go...go...go well

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#planb #keke

You went through a lot whole day. Sleep well!

Today was so fun! Thank you very much for coming. Be careful on your way back everyone!

Three times a day I love you I love you I love you

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A late photo from yesterday... I forgot about it today sorryㅠㅠ! I will definitely take it tomorrow

I will eat it well


See you later baby

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For being with us until late hours. Whenever~

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 Thanks everyone for coming out today. I love you. I'm transforming right now
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Ah... why do i get the lyrics wrong... i was singing with confident tho.. sigh i will do it just right tomorrow
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Will eat it well

I will eat it well!!

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I love youuuuuuuu hehe..

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Mnet countdown feel so good's first show! We'll do our best from now! #feelsogood #pleaselistentoitalotandloveitalot

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Me, too!

I will eat well! Hoho

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Dried persimmon was really delicious

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The gratitude in my heart is always very big. It was so cold and hard... Bebui (Baby) are so nice

Thank you so much for being with us until such late hours. Everyone please go back safely. You all are so beautiful. Thank you!

Our fans who came visit us even at dawn, thank you so much and i love you

To our BABYs who have come to MCountdown. There is a 2hours 30min delay in the recording schedule. In order not to catch a cold, go somewhere. If your house is close, its okay even if you go back home as well. Its pretty late we're sorry that you have to wait.

Apparently as you live, this kind of days will come too

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I'm so thankful for those who came and was surprised that many came! hehe Im pretty sure that babys are the best<3 . Also, I'll eat it well!! Go home safely!

Shukira is starting soon!!!! I ask that you all listen hehe

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I'm always thankful, see you at Sukira soon! I'll give you strength

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Really kind dongsaeng(younger brother). He sings well too
Seungkwan ah, thank you hehe

Seungkwan: Daehyun hyung congratulations
Show me hyung
Daehyun: thank you

Romeo Kyle who came to the concert~! I will eat it well hehe. Really a kind dongsaeng (younger brother)

Cute seungkwan

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Kids thanks
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huh woow TT TT thank you !!!!!!! he he

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 #‎CARNIVAL‬ ‪#‎FeelSoGood‬ I hope everyone would give it a lot of love.
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Feel so good!!!!!

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Sukira is best….. Even received Hallabong but ate it all Hehe. Sukira is best!!!!!!

Thank you for watching the Vring U
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Top:  See you soon on Vring U
Bottom: This concert was really fun thank you. Thank you for giving me good memories everytime. In the future too, let's all sing together.

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Thank you

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Really thank you it was the best!!!!!!!!! Everyone go back safely. Thank you x1000000000000 ❤

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Today is really fun and thank you, sleep well~

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Thank you for coming today and I love you. Enjoy tomorrow too

Really really thankful and thank you. Thank you to everyone that came! we are meeting tomorrow to. Thank you, go back safely!!! BABY is best!!!!

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See you in awhile!!!! Pitapat

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Mochi-ya, hyung will go and come back

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Because our very dependable Babys' wreaths are protecting our concert, I have a good feeling today. Thank you

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My heart flutters because of today's concert and tomorrow's concert, album, and music video release. The music video came out pretty so expect a lot. I'll come back after the rehearsal, see you later!

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Please, love me

Baby is best

#mannerguy #carnival

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Goofball was caught

I'm gonna talk about this next week

Top: I will beat well today! After eating I should work hard on preparing for the concert
Middle: Restrain...Sorry
Bottom: Mu:Sic Start! B:A.P will sing Bang:Bang Kk:KK This song is totally exciting

Thank you for coming today It's cold so go back carefully! Will eat it well~!

Kiss the Radio corner is under construction!!! It's starting so come in

Top: Ooul~

Su: turning on Sukira. Ki: watching at Daehyun who keeps growing taller and Youngjae who keeps getting more handsome Ra: I'm gonna eat some ramen jureuk (this is the acrostic poem of the fan that jae retweeted and "jureuk" is like the sound when you're drooling)

Bottom: Su: I went and came back from the super. Ki: Kiki is going to listen to Sukira while eating this. Ra: Radio is of course Sukira.

Although it's late, thank you!! Seriously!

It's just the teaser. If you're like this..I'm thankful


It seems like it isn't me. What the..

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keukeukeukeu this is real




Did a great job capturing it

The teaser's out!

A feeling is coming

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Don't grow up so fast

I guess I'm a stupid poop head

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I felt bad for the choreography team for giving them trouble every day for the solo stage, so we had a get-together! Please anticipate a lot for the SOLO stage

Although it is late Happy Valentine's Day!

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There are not much days left to the concert.pitapat. Come and watch everyone <3

Have a Happy New Year


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 Everyone have a happy new year~! 

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Happy new year I love you

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Thank you everyone!
Wow its my birthday! I'm so happy!

Jongoba happy birthday

Oppu happy birthday

Jonguppie hyung Happy Birthday

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This time, from the process of composing the album, to the writing of lyrics after, we have done our best in making a new style for B.A.P's music. It'll be good if you can anticipate it

Please look forward to it

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How can your face be this small…? ‪#‎Genie‬?

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I really feel like everyday is my birthday, I'm really happyㅎㅎ. Thank you for coming today~!! Go home safely~!! Everyone, watch your head^^

Sukira is starting~!!!!!!

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  1. Happy M.Jup Day a.k.a #HAPPYMOONDAY ~ Jupiebb!!!!!!\^ ^/ lov U with all my heart!!!!!!<333333

  2. damn! something wrong with my google+ account! it seems that my post failed to send just now no matter how many times i've tried. hope everything will be back to normal. sigh. first,my phone and now my google+ account failed to send my post!? are you serious!? there were some of my old g+ friends who can still or managed and be able to send their post without any error or failure failure far but why me tho!? why is this happening??T^T

  3. speaking of B.A.P's new 5th mini album Carnival..will we get a chance to see them Live on stage on Music Bank or any other tv music chart shows,again? you know,who knows before their upcoming tour concerts. p.s. out of the topic! i enjoyed watching KBS tv drama of Moorim School tho! Vixx's hong bin despite being so good-looking is so funny though in that drama! and i kinda like that!^ ^ i mean all the casts or actors and actresses were not that bad either. love it/the whole!^ ^/ there are so many new variety shows now on KBS tv channel which is so good tho but even i cannot managed to catch them all!xP I'm too tired to watch the repeats. sometimes if i got a chance,i'll go and watch. even The Return of Superman i missed a lot! because of i'm too tired to watch and my body is restless after work so~the only things left with me are my music cds,my 3DSXL and my mobile phone where i can lay in my bed to rest! ;P

  4. Yaaayyss!! my wish had come true!! I mean,B.A.P is going to perform Live on Music Bank,not once but twice for next Friday!!\>U</feel so good~alryte!! ;D

  5. oh yes,oppa Jae~i've went through a lot these days especially just now. earlier before your Carnival 5th mini album released i had already pre-ordered both of them(normal version & special version)earlier and just now i went to my local kpop kiosk(small shop)again just to ask if my items had arrived already or not if not continue paying deposits. which idid actually. hehe..the owner of that shop told me that,both items had not yet arrived. and then after that i also asked him that can i order the Matrix special version the M,T,R and the X because i've already got the A & the I already. he said,sure can,why not! but i told to him i'll see first because I'm afraid if my money is not enough maybe i'll just have to cancel it/my orders. he said no need to worry because those Special version are not limited edition and makesure they still have stocks left for their fans who cannt afford to buy that money! i said,ok~then! i'll try to buy one by one! ;D hehe~