[TS Entertainment] Feel So Good MV Event + Streaming Event

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This is B.A.P's fanclub management.

5th mini album <CARNIVAL> has start sale.

This is 5th mini album <CARNIVAL> title song <Feel So Good> streaming event.
Pleasse refer to the detailed information below.

█ Time period
- Until 5th mini album <CARNIVAL> promotions ended

█ How To Participate
- Access to Official Music Sites(Melon, Bugs, Genie, Mnet, Soribada, Olleh Music) and stream <Feel So Good> 
- Listen to <Feel So Good> for more than 2 minutes and screen capture it to prove it
- Write down your nickname and the date on your screen capture image (Also make sure the time can be seen in the screen capture)
- The screen capture image, upload to the event board according to the format

█ Revealing the winner
-After promotions ended, a notice will be up

█ The selection criteria for the winner
- Among the BABYs that stream the most, picking it with lottery

█ The prize 
- 5th mini album <CARNIVAL> Autographed CD / 6 person

█ The format to be used on the board
- Title : [Your Nickname / The latest updated date]
EX) [TS운영자 / 2016.2.22]
- Content : Your Nickname / The number of times you updated
- Reply : The Streaming Site / Captured Image

- Will only acknowledged Melon, Genie, Mnet, Olleh Music, Soribada and Bugs, these 6 Music Sites
- In each streaming sites, do only update it once an hour (For example, in Melon, listening to it at 10:51AM, screen capture it, and upload it, you can only upload it again from streaming in Melon at 11:51AM)
- For 1 ID, you can only have 1 post on the board
- Keep adding on the screen captured image in the replies
- Please do make sure that you update your content of the post of how many times you have updated as you upload your screen captures
- Must show the timing of the song
- Will acknowledge both PC and Mobile versions
- If you did not upload according to the format, you will be taken out of the lottery
- Posts that are unrelated to the event will all be returned without notice
- If you steal someone's image, you will be taken out of the lottery as well

Thank you.

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Hi, this is TS Entertainment.
I hope you’re enjoying B.A.P’s ‘Feel So Good’ MV and their 5th mini album [CARNIVAL]!
And here are a couple of special events for you!
<’Feel So Good’ Event>
Term: Feb. 23 – 28, 2016
23th – Bang Yong Guk / 24th – Him Chan / 25th – Dae Hyun / 26th – Young Jae / 27st – Jong Up / 28nd - Zelo
How to join:
1. Watch ‘Feel So Good’ MV at https://youtu.be/shNpEirACDY
2. Find the best scene which makes you feel so good from MV and screenshot it.
3. Email to officialbap@daum.net with the picture and the reason you pick it.
4. Add [FSG CAPTURE] to the title.
Winner Announcement: An email will be sent individually.
Winner Prize (18 ppl / 3 ppl for each member): Puzzle Game of the screenshot image with each member’s autograph on the back + the CD signed by each member with the winner’s name on it
Remark: Each person can apply one time per member.

First, watch ‘Feel So Good’ MV at https://youtu.be/shNpEirACDY
When the view reaches to 3 million, the dance practice video of ‘Feel So Good’ will be revealed!
When the view reaches to 5 million, the dance practice video of ‘Carnival’ will be revealed!
©TS Entertainment 
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  1. How do we screenshot the MV for the event? When I pause the video the time mark appears and I can't get rid of it...would it be ok to snip it instead? And should we use full screen or small screen?

    1. I used full screenshot and just sent it without editing