[STARCAST] Return of skillful ‘concert idol’! Story behind the B.A.P’s Seoul solo concert

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Hello everyone! It’s B.A.P who came back with 5th mini album [CARNIVAL]. They had the first solo concert after 2 years, ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2016 WORLD TOUR SEOUL AWAKE!!’ on February 20 and 21 successfully. The place where they made the fans wild as a skillful ‘concert idol’ after a long time, let’s have a look at it together right now!

On the last weekends with the blue sky. There were several extra events for B.A.B.Y before they enter. The most popular place is this photo zone!

There are those Matokis at the photo zone, 

and social media panel for you to take a photo with.

Take a picture with panel like Matoki and Daehyun,

then upload it with a hash tag (#) and you are done!

Matokis are always so popular. The fans waited for the concert with exciting feeling. The members’ hearts were also fluttering too

 With some hairpins on their head-

making them pretty of course,

and cared about makeup as well.

So beautiful Bang Yongguk.

Youngjae and Zelo are also looking good.

"Is my hair look alright?"

Looking at the lyrics again,

recording video during the break,

monitoring is something extra.

V of satisfaction :)

Himchan could not help smiling to meet B.A.B.Y soon.

The concert they prepared hard is?



a hit.

Bling-bling Mato sticks filled up the seats.

"Hello, we are B.A.P, yes sir!"

They captured females’ heart with new songs ‘Feel So Good’ and ‘Carnival’ of course, along with the hit songs for B.A.P and each member’s solo stages in this concert.

Himchan presented sophisticated R&B hip hop with S.N.S included in the first studio album [First Sensibility].
(The audiences are already knocked down because of Bang Yongguk appeared all of a sudden as a featuring singer!)

Daehyun also showed off his sweet voice with ‘Shady Lady’ included in the first studio album [First Sensibility]. 

Because of Youngjae’s touching stage singing ‘Don’t worry’ which is something that he wants to tell the fans, B.A.B.Y all moved to tears.

Jongup and Zelo presented their own songs about themselves, ‘Now’ and ‘Blessing’ each. They proved their possibilities as singer-songwriters.
Starting from Seoul solo concert held in SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium from February 20 to 21, ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2016 WORLD TOUR’ visiting over 17 countries in 5 continents will be started from April.
I feel sad already because we can’t see oppas for long but let’s enjoy their new album ‘CARNIVAL’ at the moment! Finishing up this STARCAST with B.A.P’s new song to present this week’s music programs, ‘Feel So Good’ MV.
* B.A.P ‘Feel So Good’ M/V

 It is really the last one to wish best luck for ‘CARNIVAL’, Daehyun and Youngjae’s selfie at the waiting room! Bye! (♡.♡)

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