[STARCAST] Exclusive release of individual photos for B.A.P’s title track ‘Feel So Good’ MV!

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Exclusive release of individual photos for B.A.P’s title track ‘Feel So Good’ MV!
Hello guys, it’s Tuesday after Monday. For those of you saying “I feel like it’s Friday but how come it’s only Tuesday?!”, I brought human vitamin B.A.P to cheer you up! Ta↗da↗

First of all, questionable group photo uploaded on B.A.P’s official social media like two hours ago.. It is the main photo of the MV for the title track ‘Feel So Good’ included in the 5th mini album releasing on February 22. However, B.A.B.Y, it’s too early to just feel happy about it. The fact that STARCAST will reveal main individual photos in addition exclusively!!!

Saint Bang’s soft and gentle smile- He is in charge of producing the new album [CARNIVAL] also. Face, compositions and leadership, he’s perfect...! What do you lack of? 

Sexy Back~ Yeah! Himchan looks good with a mint colored suit even. Who made him to wear mint colored suit with blonde hair? I’ll bow down for you.

Here comes the handsome main vocalist. Daehyun is staring at camera with chic eyes! Looking forward to listening his live singing just like playing CD.

B.A.B.Y are getting hurt on their heart if Youngjae smiles like this... Oh my gosh...☆ Like they showed in the teaser image, soft pink color background brought exotic image.

Famous person with chic image. But we all know! That Jongup is charismatic when performs on the stage but at the backstage, he’s so gentle cutie.

Oppa... Joon Hong oppa... (Everyone’s oppa if he’s handsome) (Have no conscience) The youngest member participated as lyricist for the new song ‘Albatross’. The lyrics with Zelo’s own sensitivity attract attention already.

Is this the end of it? One moment, please... There’s one more special gift for you still!!! A new group photo for B.A.B.Y!

This is really ‘Feel So Good’. The members’ faces and height are working so hard at boasting their awesomeness always.

You can check out the title track ‘Feel So Good’ stage at "B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2016 WORLD TOUR SEOUL AWAKE!!" held in SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on this Saturday and Sunday. Let’s see you in the weekends, guys ♡.♡

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