[Soompi] B.A.P to Embark on World Tour in April

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B.A.P is finalizing preparations for their world tour.

Spanning five continents and 17 countries, B.A.P’s world tour will make approximately 30 stops.

“Our world tour starts in April. Although we do like the countries we’ve been to, we’re most looking forward to visiting the countries we haven’t been to yet,” says B.A.P.

They continue, “Since we’ve made a comeback with a fun, carnival-like song, we hope to have an exciting and pleasant time with our fans. We’ll be back before you know it.”

Meanwhile, B.A.P released their fifth mini album “Carnival” along with the music video for title track “Feel So Good” on February 22. The album was produced by member Bang Yong Guk himself and features a total of six tracks.

Are you excited for B.A.P’s world tour?

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