B.A.P. in Japan Baby Mail Magazine Vol. 2 (160228)

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Zelo's thought on the inside of Jongup's brain
1. Sleep
2. World Cup (Must Watch)
3. Springy, Butt (Will be envious of large and springy ones) 
4. Chris Brown
5. Animation
6. Thinking of Zelo

Jongup's thought on the inside of Zelo's brain
1. What should I wear today?
2. What should I wear tomorrow?

3. What should I do if I get taller?
4. Excitement (Unconsciously)
5. What should I wear tomorrow?
6. Write lyrics

Himchan's thought on the inside of Bang Yong Guk's brain
1. Hunger
2. Pain of producing
3. Raw Ramen
4. Tigger
5. Justice 
6. World Cup
7. Aesthetics of Slow
8. Baseball Game
9. Himchan
10. Lose Taste
11. Hairband

Bang Yong Guk's thought on the inside of Himchan's brain
1. Food
2. Coffee

3. Lee Keun Ho Player
4. Greed for Gag

Daehyun's thought on the inside of Youngjae's brain
1. Jokomato
2. Brain

3. Money
4. Daehyun is cool
5. Uijeongbu

Youngjae's thought on the inside of Daehyun's brain
1. Busan
2. His own costs

3. Cheesecake
4. Family
5. Hungry
6. Notebook (Laptop)
7. Naive
8. Bread

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Q1: A place you want to travel and what you would want to do there?
Q2: Something surprising recently?
Q3: In only this I cannot lose to another member! What is that special skill?
Q4: Spring, Summer, Fall Winter, which is your favorite season? Why?


1: Nepal. Kathmandu, trekking in the Himalayas, Pokhara. A new sensibility with pure people and an unfamiliar atmosphere. Not an expensive and ordinary trip. To see dreams through a trip through unexplored territories.
2. Fukuoka Ramen stall (delicious)
3. Lyrics and Composition
4. Late Autumn, before Winter. Weather where is it just starting to become cold. Warmth becomes nostalgic, but sometimes a lot of good music comes out from this lonesome weather.


1. All of the countries I have visited until now. I want to feel the culture of those countries.
2. B.A.P is receiving a lot of love.
3. Music, eating, me
4. Spring. The flowers are in bloom and it is the season I was born in.


1. Haeundae. I want to see the sea and enjoy eating sashimi!
2. My wisdom teeth are starting to come out… It's inconvenient for me when I sing, I'm worried…
3. Vocal! Singing! Since I'm the main vocalist!
4. Summer! Refreshing ice cream is perfect for the hot sun!

1. Sapporo. I want to go to Sapporo alone. See many things and enjoy talking to lots of people.
2. When I think about it, I've realized I've met a lot of fans from various countries. And today as well I will be meeting them.
3. Japanese
4. Autumn. The atmosphere is good.


1. I want to have a party in Ibiza.
2. The beach in Brazil was very beautiful.
3. Jump
4. Winter. The snow is so beautiful.


1. Ibiza Island. I heard there are parties 365 days of the year. I want to go there someday.
2. We went to opposite sides of the globe in 3 days.
3. Height? Good sense of style?
4. Spring. I hate really cold weather. I hate really hot weather. Without even realizing it's Spring now, this season has gone by so quickly. The flowers are blooming, the snow is melting. Seeing and feeling only beautiful things. You plan for the new year. For me, Spring is a thrilling proper noun!

Translation © Luna@BAPYESSIR.COM

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