[ALLKPOP] A space geek assesses plausibility of EXO and B.A.P's space concepts in 'The Geeks'!

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On February 12th airing of MBC variety show 'The Geeks', space geek Ji Woong Bae assessed the plausibility of EXO and B.A.P.'s space concepts!

Ji Woong Bae, Astrology major at Yeonsei University in Seoul, explained EXO's concept of EXO Planet and B.A.P's concept of Matoki Planet to cast members on the show. Regarding B.A.P's Matoki Planet, he commented, "It's possible that a high frequency planet like their concept exists."

Do you think EXO and B.A.P's extraterrestrial concepts are plausible?

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[Information unrelated to B.A.P has been omitted, you can read the full article here]  

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