We are trending #/ADayForYoo in Celebration of Youngjae's Birthday on January 24th!

Posted by Elizabeth@BAPYESSIR.COM

We will be trending all day #ADayForYoo to show our birthday support for Youngjae!


The fancafe header also changed in celebration of Youngjae's Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday~oppa Jae!\^ ^/ life is nothing but full of ups and downs. but try at least to take and think it positively,like you used to say. ;) your birthday gifts could be quite a lot to be thinking of but creating memories you had with babys and also your close members,family,friends,relatives and people who worked and support you along with B.A.P is one of the best memories you will ever have and wanted as your birthday's present. trust me. ;) oh,and also living a good life and also good health! :) here's once again i would like to say a very happy birthday to you and i'm thanking my/our Lord above for bringing this kind of fate for babys to meet you and the rest of B.A.P members and also for you to be born from your mother's belly,oppa Jae. ;) may God bless you and the rest and also people around you and also babys. Amen. U/\U

  2. The whole world might want to send read more you a special birthday greeting, but for the time being, you can make do with mine. Happy Birthday.