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Heol... ho.. holi... I saw it! Wow! (He key smashed to write "heol")

It's a little late but, happy birthday deungseng
*he either made a typo or wrote "dongseng" (young brother) in a cute way

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Youngjae:  Please listen to Little Prince a lot

Ryeowook: Ryeowook:  Little Prince MV is out~^^ Wonki hyung thank you~~ Thank you Sonyong hyung who picked the concept~ Directors, staff members, it was a really cold day but... All of you had a really hard time~ I'm very thankful~

Daehun: okay hyung hehe
Ryeowook: Daehyun-ah thank youuuu!!!!^^ (you're) indeed a good guy hehe i'll eat it deliciously

Daehyun: keueu... Nice... I really liked the song hyung! I listened to it well. Good song

Ryeowook:  Little Prince MV is out~^^ Wonki hyung thank you~~ Thank you Sonyong hyung who picked the concept~ Directors, staff members, it was a really cold day but... All of you had a really hard time~ I'm very thankful~

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 Really if you do this everytime...eheu.. really thankful
We'll eat it well, love you

 Thank you for wishing us a happy 4th anniversary, we will eat it well

 #thankyou #baby #4thanniversary

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Seoul to Seoul

Come on in!

Top: [V LIVE] Youngjae Birthday Pary
Bottom: Look for my room hehe

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Who (wants to) do a one-on-one chatting with me?

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Thank you to so many of you who blessed my birthday and I'm so honored. Nowadays I understand it even more how precious you are to me. I'll keep on singing to you guys without feeling ashamed. Thank you and I respect you. Let's be together in the future too smile emoticon😊

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You had a really hard time
You really worked hard

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Thank you. Everyone is working right now so I'll post later! Thank you so much! Thanks to you guys, I'm getting so much energy.

young jja ee (just calling his name in a cute way) HBD

This is your present

Happy Birthday Yoo Youngjae

It's cold

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I want to go see cafes, buses, and the subways I'll make some time a so see it. Thank you

I don't know where I picked up this picture but... I love you a lot babys

Everyone~~~~ see you soon lets have fun this day

Get ready for the concert

Youngjae: The man who works hard

KBS: [MVBank] Is there anyone who sees this picture yet does not fall for #youngjae 
cry emoticon Since the photoshoot isn't over yet, I'm uploading the preview! Seeing oppa's working image, expect a selca (<3) #pinkhood#today_its_blue_knit

See you later!

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 I'm thankful and more thankful. On one hand my heart aches and I feel so sad, but I really hope he recovers well. Cheer up, thank you and I love you.

 To B.A.P^^!

I have been a Russian fan of B.A.P from debut till now.
I wrote this letter to express my gratitude.
In July 2015 my 4 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia. He's receiving his treatment well but it's really hard to go through leukemia treatment. Because of stress, my child doesn't want to read a book or watch cartoons or anything. I didn't know what could be a help to my son. But one day I discovered a really surprising scene. My child was smiling brightly. He found B.A.P Attack on Internet and was watching it. The image of my child watching it 20 times over and over again was really happy. And he enjoyed watching Young, Wild & Free MV. Because I was so happy and thankful, I signed up on Twitter.
What I want to say is thank you for allowing us to enjoy your music, music videos and your funny programs.
The world seems like a better place because of B.A.P and thank you so so much for letting me see again that bright laugh and smile of my son who is receiving therapy.
Once again, thank you for warming our hearts.

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Youngjae: Let's all be healthy!

KBS:RyeokD! An argument happened during the broadcast!? Excellent performance of Actor-Ryeok who made B.A.P Youngjae&Daehyun drop cold sweats!! A hidden camera event for Youngjae's surprise bday part!! I'm uploading the full video 
grin emoticon
#imsorryitwassurprising #youknowsukirasheartright#irecordedthismuch

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Today's morning call

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Ticketing for today's concert is at 8..? this concert will be really fun... heh

Fighting for today's ticketing!

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#MusicBank #MVJockey #Wat it on Time #KBS

Youngjae-nim will eat it well too!

Daehyun-nim will eat it well!!!! <3

Thank you so much for today too... I lost strength in my legs today..Go home safely! I think you can have dinner and rest for a bit before Sukira. Thank you! Go home safely! Be careful of cars, be careful of people, be careful of Youngjae okay?

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You suffered a lot doreureu (the sound of tears falling)

Thank you very very much for coming and working so hard today seriously you are so so lovely. Since its very cold, dress warmly and go back cautiously everyone. I love you

Today from morning till very late... I'm really thankful. I love you

Thank you so much for today! Now you have to go and take a warm shower, eat your meal fully and sleep! Tomorrow... Yongguk hyung and I will be playing futsal but... hmm... I like it so much when many of you come and I can see your faces but... our BABYs are really tired. Goodnight!

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Yeah ah, I was working out so my reply was late. I'm the new mubibank jockey

KBS: Seeing you didnt reply it seems that you won't be the Mubibank Jockey #this_isnt_lookingfor_ahusband#its_thefailof_mubibankjockey_finding @BAP_Youngjae are you busy?

Guys! heart

We're eating deliciously

I'm also handsome-skinned guy #jennyhouse#jennyhousepack

oguogu (its like cooing at a baby) many of you came. You suffered a lot since early morning. Today let's have fun time together. You know our style, right? Dress warmly

Let's do our best today as well my loves

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Since early morning thank you bebe
Already the well mixed number 21 and number 13
Base (color) I put on seems to have not settled
Be careful of the cold I love you hoot

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Thank you. I'm gonna become a handsome-skinned man#jennyhousepack #marinetheraphypack

Our BABYs who have been having a hard time since morning. Wear warm clothes and be careful when coming. Let's meet after a little while.

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What to do with my skin that's risen red like a blush
What also to do with my hair that has stuck out unlike my mind from root dye job
Man, this is just how I look
Ehhyeo what's the point in putting in effects
Anyways, don't worry, I'm not selca-go

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While coming here, dress warmly and come. Wear masks. be careful when coming in. Lets meet soon!

Tomorrow is the day we meet hahahahhoho

Thank you for inviting us

 RW: Heechulie Youngjae Daehyunnie thank you

Ah you went to eat samgyopsal... I should've gone too...

 I'm eating samgyopsal hehe, when you can't sing you have to eat meat. BABYs be careful of the cold!!!!

Junhongah I see you're working hard. Work hard!

KBS tweet: 6th MubiBank MVJockey #BAP Who might be this main character? BABYs you sensed it, right? Pretending like you don't know #bangyongguk #himchan #daehyun #youngjae #jongup #zelo@bap_daehyun #daehyun_tag_didnt_work

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Snow is here

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It's been a while

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Guess what I'm doing?

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Ding Ding (Sound of a bell)

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My Heart is with you

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let's go listen to Sukira 

Okay, since i already got caught (talking about fans seeing him with his new hair)

listening via Kong (mobile application of KBS Radio) You guys are listening too, right?

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The weather suddenly turned cold, everyone be careful of the cold!

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Top: Ah.. It's hard for me to take a selca... Everyone take a lot of pictures for me instead (I tried to upload a selca but failed)

Bottom: I'm watching MaLiTel (My little television) and player Ahn JungHwan is really funny keukeukeu

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Since the weather has gotten pretty cold, wear warmly before going out guys. Also, I missed you

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Listen to it everyone

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To all that came out to see us, it was so nice to see you. Thank you! hehe. I feel so reassured~!!! I'll pray so you can have a good dream~! I love you


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Good evening. Our Japanese fans. I'm very happy to have spent the time from Christmas 'til New Years with you~!! I'll work hard from now on so let's continue meeting for a long long time. I love you.

 The Japanese fanmeeting! I was really happy we could meet after a long time. I really really wanted to meet you. Thank you to the Japanese Babyz who've been waiting for a long time. We'll repay you slowly from now on. Let's meet in March!

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Today for the whole day, U was really happy!! Really thank you and please anticipate more in the future!!! Thank you osaka! See you tomorrow baby!

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Thank you Osaka

Translation © CJ@BAPYESSIR.COM

Thank you for all your hard work

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Coming back in exactly one year. Osaka; last year was with my family, this time, with the members

Thank you very much for coming out today! Hehe (We will) go and come back safely

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On our way to Osaka

Trans © _StrongBAP 

Why are my eyes unfocused keukeukeukeukeu

Receive a lot of Daehyun and Youngjae this new year

I hope everyone to have a happy new year full of good things!!!! Let's not make things to cry, instead let's just make things to smile about!!! let's determined ourselves and fulfill everything we planned for this year so we remember 2016 as a happy year!! My beloved BABYz, let's continue to have strength

My parents are bowling athletes? Ha..

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May you have many blessings this new year

Translation © Esther@BAPYESSIR.COM

Everyone, don't think too hard of the word "dream" Every year, we draw a new dream. We make a certain goal or just think about our values in our life. Without anyone forcing us, we make it our own choice in what we want to do and what we want to like.
Don't hinder all that with a certain situation or people's judgments. If we start with something close, that will hep us step on/step closer on the stairway to our dreams. If the grandfather like yanggeng (a Korean jelly snack), the grandson wanted to make the snack and if the grandfather like to watch the news, the grandson wanted to be the absurdity of society
Now I've become and adult in his mid-20's who wants to make music with a message. I still feel lacking and continue having dreams, let's throw all the pressures and burdens and start from the very simple things you want for yourself. I'm planning to start with sewing our clothes were were ripped by dogs.
I hope you always stay healthy and that only good things come in your life this 2016. Dream is a minor concern about my future, I"ll be cheering all your dreams, thank you.

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So very good

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Wish you a happy new year.

With the younger sisters. Now let's go home!! The baby's that came to support, thank you and I love you. In the future, let's love more <3 #BAP#Sonamoo

[V LIVE] Happy New Year!!!!!

Our babys, wish you a happy new year, I love you

Receive a lot of New Year's blessings2!!!!!

 2016!!!!!! Receive a lot of New Year's blessings!!!!!!!!! Baby!!!!!!!!

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  1. omo~!! i love the latest post about that matoki picture image update up there and also the matoki leather bracelet(or whatever you may call it,lol)!!>w<

  2. oh,before i forgot again,lol~ happy 'belated' new year to all of you admins on this bysfansite that i love the most and also not to forget to say happy 'belated' to our B.A.P babyboyz too!!\^ ^/ stay strong everybody,be down-to-earth as usual and always be good to yourself and to everyone,ok? ;) love you all with all my heart!<3 also please do take care wherever you go,guys! just remember to always pray for your own safetiness and others to wherever you go or might be.