NAVER STARCAST: B.A.P’s fan event in JAPAN + Telling members’ luck for the New Year!

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Hello everyone! It’s 2016 the New Year already. :) Have you had good end of year?  B.A.P who have finished 4th mini album [MATRIX] activity in Korea spent very special end of the last year and beginning of the New Year. I followed B.A.P who had great Christmas with 15,000 Japanese fans over Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. 

On December 24th, this is the place where B.A.P is having a fan event in Japan, [B.A.P Y.W.F FAN EVENT ' Merry Christmas ' in TOKYO]!

The audiences’ scream was very loud from the opening stage, along with Matoki lightsticks’ greenish wave.

They didn’t forget to greet fans after passionate stage.

They said hello from the leader to the youngest member and talked about their recent activities.

The funniest time was when they revealed past photos, [B.A.P’s once upon a time]. ★Massive release of★ photos when they just debuted and when they were little kids. 

The boy holding a stuffed Tigger, a hint here is ‘Tigger’. You all got the answer, right B.A.B.Y?

Yes, I know, you know, we all know it’s leader Bang Yongguk who loves ‘Tigger’.

A baby with white skin and have well-defined features on the face is,

Himchan who is handsome still. From when were you handsome like this, Kim Himchan?

A boy with shy ‘V’ pose along with colorful costume (the main point is a necklace) like a fashionista.

The main vocalist as well as playful Daehyun!

He proved that he was lovely from when he was born while playing with fingers

A hint for next member is: Past photo for orange hoodie at Idol Star Athletics Championships.jpg

Youngjae without chubby cheek compared to past photo. He has pretty eyes, nose and mouth before getting skinny.

Oh! He’s so cool! Hands in his pocket! This little boy with extraordinary pose is

Oh! He’s so cool! Hands in his pocket! This little boy with extraordinary pose is

If we look at Jongup, it’s true that he just grew with body and face stayed still. Grown up well!

Finally- Cute boy who would have received a lot of love from cyber-aunts and uncles if he appeared in baby nurturing programs in these days!

It’s the youngest member Zelo. Is Zelo knew it? The fact that he will grow up to 187cm high...! He still has a face like a baby but charismatic on the stage! Great ♡_♡

After revealing B.A.P’s unconventional past photos, it was time for fierce [B.A.P’s BIG MATCH]! Picking balls randomly to have two team, Red VS Blue.

Jongup picked ‘Red’. 

It is said that there were never ending laughters by having pushing palms and telepathy games! The 1st part of fan meeting finished like that and the game continued in the 2nd part. The members came out with ‘Santa’s’ cape. The 2nd part game carried by individuals.

It was fitness games for men’s self-esteem in the 2nd part. Himchan’s jegichagi with all his soul and might! 

Oh, no. Have you fell over? (Looking for something to put him and take away.)

Youngjae’s willingness to kick ‘jegi’...!

Jongup showed perfect ‘jegichagi’ and Youngjae’s surprised face beside him is the main point.

The following game is a jump rope- an ordinary jump rope? No, it’s double jumping.

"It’s not easy"

"Seriousness like an athlete."

Let’s give applause for Jongup’s effort who doesn’t care about falling down during the game!

Also we can’t miss out dance when we talk about B.A.P, right? On the piece of pink paper, there are all different types of dances written. Himchan picked ‘disco’ dance.

Look at that figure with delicate handtip..! Youngjae showed sexy dance.

Zelo with overflowing SWAG presented hip hop dance.

They put stars on their chests if they ranked number one and two in the games. Hope this was shining unforgettable memory for the fans who joined together like the stars on their chests.

They finished [B.A.P Y.W.F FAN EVENT ' Merry Christmas ' in TOKYO] with gentle end stage. The audiences’ were sad already. Since it was the first meeting with overseas fans after a long time, it was happy time for B.A.P with fans’ love and positive energy too.
Today's surprise! STARCAST is up to here. As it must be sad if we finish like this, here’s members’ lucks for the new year 2016 and the fan meeting video. You know it’s just for fun, right? Hope you and B.A.P have a great year.

♥ A luck for the New Year [Bang Yongguk]There is a chance to raise one’s value. You will be succeeded if you have new dream and put effort to gain it. Get close to friends and seniors. You will be lucky if you move to overseas. However, it’s good to get away from alcohols and girls this year!

♥ A luck for the New Year [Himchan]If you have put efforts for the health, you will see the good result for it. You will see you got well because you will not feel tired whatever you do. It’s time for you to have a light in your life after passing tearful time. You will have powerful flap of wings with new plan. However, in December, there is a chance to have problem regarding money.

♥ A luck for the New Year [Daehyun]It seems to have smooth money flow this year. You will get wealth continuously with constant efforts and management. A lof of people will look for you and getting popular. You will not lack of anything as you earned wealth and popularity. It’s time to struggle with interpersonal relationships as externally and lonely as you cannot say something to others internally but it will be helpful if you get over it. Especially July is the best time to increase one’s honor, you will be respected from everywhere. December will be the time to receive the result of efforts and rich.

♥ A luck for the New Year [Youngjae]You will receive a help from a good person and succeed. It’s a good luck to meet good people from everywhere you go.
 Flowers blossom and a scent of flower spreads as spring breeze filled. Your name will be known everywhere. The work you have prepared finally starts. It’s a good sign to be energetic overall. You will receive expectation and interests for the new work. Treat other with happy mind. The hard thing will be forgotten easily and the good thing will remain for long. You will be wealthy and rich in the end of this year and your family will be happy without worries.

♥ A luck for the New Year [Jongup]You will achieve all the things you wish to and the good luck is on your side. You will not lack of things as you will be rich. However, there will be people who are jealous about you since you have good luck. Get rid of your lazy habit and get prepared in advance this year. Also pay attention to eyes.

♥ A luck for the New Year [Zelo]Spring’s here for you without for you to know and the good things will be started. You will achieve something big with little effort. You will get unexpected windfall and broaden the territory. Your determination is strong but you are lack of meticulousness and delicacy so the result can get smaller. Please be relaxed and look back if you succeeded so far. You will be lucky if you care about your people around.

All photos © TS Entertainment

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