[Birthday Talk to You] B.A.P Youngjae "Birthday Presents? B.A.B.Ys love..I'm serious"

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Group B.A.P faced a happy day. (They) met main vocal Youngjae’s 24th birthday. Born 1994 January 24th. Although it might seem good to rest just one day and celebrate the happiness of his birthday, to fulfil the promise of “February comeback” with their fans, Youngjae and the B.A.P members are working hard even on (his) birthday.
But even so, a birthday is not allowed to just be passed by. To celebrate the day of his birth, (we) prepared a written interview regarding his birthday. Through the many questions, Youngjae’s affections toward the fans was shown. The person he wants to thank, the words he wants to hear the most, what he wants as a present, the star that he wants to be congratulated by, and thinking about how his birthday will be in ten years, he did not leave out B.A.B.Y. (We) listened to Youngjae’s story that has become beginning, middle to end about B.A.B.Y.
-Q. [What do you think you’ll be doing on your birthday?]
▶ “Carefully, I’m predicting our album recording. The comeback is scheduled to be in February, so if not recording, I think we will be practicing the song or dance.”

-Q. [How do you feel facing your birthday?]
▶ “I’m always thankful seeing fans that seem even happier than me! (I’m) really thankful that (they/everyone) always congratulate me to an overwhelming extent.”

-Q. [What are Youngjae’s thoughts on getting older? What age are you the most anticipated to be?]
▶ “Getting older is probably just physically losing the ‘sparkling~’ atmosphere? But as year by year passes, internally or mentally, I think are moments we slowly mature.”

-Q. [What are the words that you want to hear the most and don’t want to hear on your birthday?]
▶ “The words I don’t want to… I don’t have one, haha. On birthdays, no matter what (I) hear, (take it) positively! I think I can pass it with a good grace. What I want to hear is “Thank you for being born.” Fans say this to me a lot but it’s a sentence I’m always thankful and happy for.

-Q. [What was your precognitive dream of your conception?]
▶“It was of peppers and chestnuts. When my mom was pregnant with me, I was told she dreamt of peppers being hung and she saw chestnuts.”

-Q. [My most memorable birthday?]
▶“I remember last year the members and acquaintances all had a gathering with alcohol. Personally I wanted to spend it with the fans but unfortunately since our debut my birthday and our promotion periods never overlapped.”

-Q. [I think there’s a gift you want to receive from now on?]
▶“B.A.B.Y’s (fans) love…! I’m being serious, haha.”

-Q. [If you were given a birthday vacation?]
▶“I want to travel. An overseas trip is good, traveling within the country doesn’t matter either. Now that I think about it, it has been a long time since I travelled.”

-Q. [If there is a star (celebrity) you wish you could get a happy birthday wish from?]
▶“B.A.B.Y (B.A.P fan club name)! The fans are my stars and my role models. You guys always twinkle brightly to me.

-Q. [What did you wish for on your birthday when you were younger? Did it come true?]
▶“It was since I was in 4th grade, I wanted a cellphone. My wish came true on my birthday and I was able to have a cellphone, and none of my friends had a cellphone except for me. Since I was the only one that had one I didn’t really have anyone to contact. Because of that, I remember giving it back to my father.”

-Q. [If you were to imagine Youngjae’s birthday 10 years from now?]
▶“Whatever I might be doing, wherever I may be! I probably would be doing something with my fans?”

-Q. [As you greet your birthday, you mentioned you had someone you wanted to thank? Please deliver your message of thanks.]
▶“Our Babys. I am always thankful because they love me and honestly wish me blessings for every birthday. I get a lump in my throat whenever I see the Happy Birthday advertisements on subway stations, cafes, and bus stations. The word thank you isn’t enough to express how thankful and grateful I am. Our fans are the best!”

-Q. [As the person who greeted his birthday, may we ask you to tell yourself a few words.]
▶“Youngjae. A lot of people are blessing you on the day you were born. Never forget your grateful feelings and live honestly!”

Translation ©sojeong & nicole @ baptrans

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