B.A.P won Best Album of the Year and Best Male Group at the 2015 KoreanUpdates Awards!

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  1. hey~congratulation B.A.P!!\^-^/ your mini album B.A.P Matrix along together with Got7bs MAD mini album and iKon's album of Welcome Back are one of the best mini albums in 2015,honest! but of course,B.A.P is no.1 first! ;) because their songs were so hype so good and so sweet that ilove them so much!<3 p.s. i don't judge music based on biased,nope. but i have to listen to the whole album first the i would judge. because eversince there were an award of best album mostly in Korea there they don't really seems to care about other idols' or other artists' musics but mostly based on who got the highest physical sales rather than or instead of who got the best music in any music album overall. and that's why it sucks. anyway~once again,congratulation B.A.P!! you guys deserved it,though not that much but be humble & be appreciative like the usual you,ok? ;) again,loves you all!>3</~<333333