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Let's do v-app after the performance! Let's spend new year together! #GayoDaejaejun #Turbo #BAP #VApp

You know you have to stay tuned for the Song Big Festival in few minutes, right??? Let's meet in a bit, I miss you baby.

 Finally, after all, by all means.You're the best hyung, so cool.


Thank you
Congratulations hyung keukeu

Sleepy's tweet: Once again, thanks to everyone who congratulated me. I hope everyone has good luck in 2016 and get to be happy. From now on, I'll try hard to show you all good music and a good image. Thank you so much.

Our fans shouts are the bests. Thank you so much for coming so early in the morning best best girls.

The Song Big Festival that's always done on the last day of the year. I was touched as soon as I arrived to the waiting room, see you later BABYs.

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Top Tweet: See you tomorrow

Even though it's not my birthday today, if you keep sending me birthday wishes, I will....feel good hehehe. Taehyungah, Happy Birthday. Daehyun(X) Taehyung (O)

You heard it right? ( A fan told Youngjae that Daehyun couldn't do the Sukira hashtag right so Youngjae should teach him)

You learn fast (In response to Daehyun's previous tweet thanking Sukira's staff)

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 Ryeowook: what about me? Hehehe goodnight Daehyunah (Daehyun forgot him when he thanked the radio staff in his previous tweet)
Dae: I just saw it now ㅠㅠ thank you so much for today~!! sleep well hyung hehe

To our fans who came to Sukira today, thank you so so much. Also, we ate well hehe our director and writer noonas thank you so much. goodnight everyone

What's going on? Seriously what's happening? Ha?

Wow Sleepy hyung congrats on your Rookie of the Year 

MBC Entertainment Awards Rookie of the Year award goes to our hyung #SLEEPY

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Gayo Daejun behind

I received a CD from JK sunbaenim. He personally came to our dressing room and gave us these. I will listen to it well.

Thank you

The world's funniest handsome Eunkwangie hyung

Hello to the fans who are waiting in line. Sorry for not being able to fitt all of you in the picture

Thanks to our fans who stayed with us till late hours

Just wait a little more

What's SAF I was really surprised! Its great to see your faces. enjoy other artists' performances as well and then go. Be careful of the cold.

I'm sincerely so emotional... I didn't know so many of you would come. thank you

Our BABYs who have come to SAF, thank you very much. I'm so touched

See you soon my loves, BABYs

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See you later/soon!

Be careful from the cold. It's really cold today

It's Korea! I miss you

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Thank you to everyone who came to see us in Tokyo and Nagoya. Let's meet again. I love you

The event was really fun

Daehyun: Tomomi, I'm not tired. Arigatou! (thank you in Japanese)

I want to see Daehyun oppa quickly!

Daehyun: Let's meet quickly Manakal!!

Daehyun oppa you worked hard
You were very very cool
As expected, Daehyun oppa is really cool

Daehyun: Goodbye Moe

Let's meet soon Nagoya


Today's weather!

You are the best! Thank you

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my forced-heart that's trying to capture your hearts

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Cute Japan fanmeeting mic #merrychristmas

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Top: Jongup says he loves you all <3 We're hyper even in the morning

Bottom: Euh ah euh ah euh ah euh ah euh ah euh. Euk!

Starting off the day with a good feeling. ! I'm getting strength!

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Are you listening to Sukuria?

 I love you all my fans

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Go inside quick because its cold. Lets be together when my selfies are up, V app, and Christmas

I'll be back. Thank you baby


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Look forward to it <3 oh~my~heart

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Goodnight, I love you my fans

You know I love you

Today you're happy as always I love you today also

Ate it well

Last show spoiler

Thank you

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I was out of my mind when I ate so I couldn't take a picture but I ate it really well thank you go back safely

My shining fans I love you but why does it loom like Moon Jongup's fanmeeting?

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I'll eat it well!

I'm so happy
Thank you

My long time friend Jinmyun and my dongsaeng Taehyung who I just became friends with

Top to Bottom:
I was too excited after seeing the picture! Everyone watch Music Bank!

Sorry I didn't know

You saw it right?

See you soon! 

The process of me choreographing the dances for Be Happy and Young, Wild and Free is in my personal camera I'm revealing many things to you! Everyone Let's Be Happy!

I can't be biased
Because all of you, one by one, are so 
precious to me
You know I love you so much right?

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It's all love and respect

Yongguk: Everyone, this is our fan I am proud of

qse369: There's this one thing i want to say to oppa the most! In order to gift a wig to Childhood Leukemia patients, I cut my hair and decided to donate it! I'm gonna wrap it up and send it quickly~ Tonight I want to hear a compliment from oppa haha

[V LIVE] B.A.P Vring U (B.A.P Mock Test)

Let's all promise to watch The Geeks. Also! See you on VApp soon!

Today at 9:30pm vring u~! You know right~! Now let's gather at v app!


Don't miss M Countdown!

Don't miss it!

Thank you

Thank you

Wu-wang (T/N: It's an aegyo version of "WOW")

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Thank you for being with us since morning 🙏 #ilovebaby

You cant come? What are you? BABYs who came today, thank you so so much. I'm touched. Be careful while going home

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Spread the Word!!!

Tell everyone to listen to shukira at 11!!!!

 See you later #behappy
Why am I like a pig and not cute... anyways see you later. be happy~!

SUPERPOWER Everyone let's cheer up and enjoy the "Be Happy" stage this week! let's always be happy

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 Guess what I'm doing?

Becareful of the cold! kwekk


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Good morning~! Everyone be happy to day as well~!

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Even when I see you, I wanna see you again. To all of you who give us so much love, I just don't know how I can express my gratitude towards you fully. With this sense, I'm publishing this one picture that I was thinking of not publishing. So our memory will be kept by me like that.

Fan: Cute Daehyun vs Handsome man
Daehyun: You took a picture like're awesome heheehehehe

Jongup left a tweet!!!!!!!!!

You worked hard (in) Busan fansign. Today was very funny. Go home safely, bye

Thank you so so much to those who came today ~~!!! I'm going back with a pleased heart. It feels eve better since it has been a long time~! Rest well and sleep well guys. My thought right now is that I love you but I'm thinking of what is the reason for this love... Guys, I love you as much as can be. Sleep well~!

Our fans are number 1 in terms of beauty today as well. My exhaustion has gone away even though I came a long way. I like it so so much. I very very much love you for real!

I tired it on but it doesn't seem to suit me well.

I read them well


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 It ended so lateㅠㅠ! Seriously, everyone go home safely! Its not right for a girl to go home late sorryㅠㅠ! I love you

Go home safely. Thank you for today as well

We are on our way to Daegu. we'll try out best to not be late. ㅠㅠ we'll also do you seatbelt. See you in a little while. Oh and I feel really happy. Just saying. I'm expection you all to know what I mean. Love all the babys who came to Music Core. Also, see you all at Daegu.

#musiccore #flowerpetalmukbang #stuck

It's dangerous there

The fan manger nuna gave this to me. Thank you Nari <3

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*When you guys ask me what presence/existence am I to you
Every each one of you guys are very special to me
I don’t know how to say it with this one mouth, in such a short time
Just the phrase that I am thankful,  
(My) age is only just 20 and I am a person that still endlessly lacks I always learn from you guys.

*off from work

*with Cheokseok

knock knock knock

I'm not an elementary kid. Im 23 years old.

 *sigh* goodness. Everyone too much. I didnt drink. Right now is 3 in the afternoon I dont I dont. I dont I dont I dont I don't I don't

Daehyun: no it's not okay

Daehyun: No, it's not cold
UPBEAT: On the way to Music Bank #BAP #Jongup
@BAP_Jongup tired tired cold cold

Daehyun: (he?) is sleeping
UPBEAT: On the way to Music Bank #BAP #Jongup @BAP_Jongup You're not sleeping... ha

Do you see?

Daehyun: It's war
UPBEAT: ahahaha No its not No its not

Jongup's fans, I love Jongup

Jongup's fan from this morning haha.
Don't lie and tell the truth. Jongup bothered me first!!! Someone please upload a video of him bothering me haha It's war from now on.

*#refreshing afternoon #have a good day #going to music bank

 Let us listen to great songs

Love him enjoying himself while doing music

Everyone thank you for loving us and taking pictures of us. However, today, one fan got hit by a car. Therefore, it's very dangerous. I'm just worried that you will get hurt...! okay?

*Guys be careful of the cars. 
You’ll get hurt…

It's a good morning our fans

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I'm on my way after buying chicken.. heh I'm nervous about live TT I will do well! #Sukira

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Tonight, we will be releasing the remix version of the YOUNG, WILD & FREE. 
Special thanks to STEVE, ALEX and SCOTTY who proposed this work first. RESPECT

 A picture that I took secretly while waiting

We happily finished "The Show" filming. Thank you for all that came. Youre the best! #BABY

Today was so fun and thank you all for coming at such an early hour! Thank you so much

Although its the weekday, a lot of you guys came and I'm so touched and thankful.

See you in a little while baby

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In a while, Inkigayo! Babys, don't miss it

How about Chatting since it's been a long time????????


 Today, MUSIC CORE!!! Don't miss it hehe

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Student Kim Himchan (age 13) who went on a trip and wrote a letter to his parents

The letter reads:

To my parents whom I love Hello. This is your son Kim Himchan. Since today is Parents Day, I'm writing this letter. You're upset because you can't hear such things from me everyday, right? I'm working hard but it just doesn't happen. 
Since I came to Jeju, I got bitten by many mosquitos, my throat is hurting and also I caught a cold.  It's really no joke. But it all will become memories. 
Thank you for sending me here. I don't have anything else to write. 
I love you mom and dad. 
Best regards (heart) you (he means I love you - such a cutie ^-^) 
May 7 Tuesday 
Best wishes from your son, Kim Himchan

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Sorry for being late, and (I am) even more sorry for ending it late
Sorry (I will) love (you guys) even more

trans © sojeong @ baptrans

Thank you for coming today.
Everyone be careful going home.
Don’t turn on the heater too much
Wear your clothes warmly and go home.
Bye Gwangju~

trans © sojeong @ baptrans

Thank you to all who came to fan signing and thank you for taking our pictures prettily! You guys suffered a lot ㅠ fighting! I almost looked through all the pictures ^_^

Trans © Esther@BAPYESSIR.COM

Click Here to watch this video!

I will do my seat belt


Click Here to watch his video!

It was nice meeting you today. Go back home safely. Thank you for coming such a long way.


Good work👍You’re the best Baby💕

MC’ing was very fun and today’s sage was very fun as well💕 V had to go on stage and couldn’t take a picture (with us), so I’m uploading this picture instead🙈

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I’ll eat it well
A lot of people say
That if you eat a lot of eel it’s good for you


I’m… going to get (rumors) of plastic surgery….🙈
(tn: he retweeted an article that mentioned his name but had Yongguk’s picture)

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Thank you everyone and also I love you all. This award was given because you all made it this way. That's why its more meaningful and thank you. Seriously, thank you.

 [V LIVE] Thank you!

Everyone! Today we are a 1st place candidate for The Show!! Please vote a lot!!! ㅎㅎㅎ Vote by messaging #1119 Number 1 or BAP

 Thank you for first place on THE SHOW. December's overly happy month is starting with 'VRING U' soon. See you there

 I finally made my own weibo!

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My lips got swollen again hehe. See you at "The Show" 

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