[STARCAST] You did well B.A.P! Last broadcast of 'Be Happy' celebration behind waiting room + puzzle event

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Hello everyone! Today I came back with waiting room behinds of Be Happy which just makes me smile hearing about it. All B. A. B. Y s who were sad that the promotion only lasted for a week, come gather here!

Last 18th, KBS Musicbank waiting room. Out leader who is busy getting ready for the stage. By the way, the main point of today's behind cut is 'fashion'! They matched unique accessories and wardrobe to match with the bright and cute song.

Yongguk, who wore a basic colored suit with casual suspenders, lets give a round of applause to him, who was able to look great with 2:8 hair split.

On the other hand, Himchan has put on all black fashion. Even his hair is black- he showed the real color matched fashion.

Same facial expression, pose is V

Daehyun was with Jongup. However, what is this pose?

Showing_off_accessories. jpg
the shiny necklace, bracelet and ring catch attention. And Daehyun didn't just wear the hat. He wore it with a bandanna to make it very mo~~~st like.

What about Jongup? Don't mistake it, this is not a sauna. The orange outfit which beautifully matches with his hair color, the point is definitely the white shoes.

"I am the fashion king of this area"

The eyepoping red turtle neck among the colorful members is Youngjae. Double coat and turtle neck gives it more warmth!

Eye contact while waiting shimkoong

We cant leave out a selfie

Maknae Zelo who is into monitoring even when the hyungs are loud!

Zelo also wore a swag feelong necklace. Maknae who has so much swag, Zelo looks amazing no matter what he wears. His height is at work!

The waiting room is still here! But this is not the end. Why are the members sitting down next to each other? The reason is to make the present for the Young, Wild and Free music video winners.

The event was about capturing the image that looked mostly related to youth!

They said it was hard to pick a winner... that is why the pictures they are holding are more beautiful.

Zelo is being shy in front of his abs while other members are replicating the pictures.

B. A. P who has so many fans even after there hiatus! For those fans who are sad they are preparing a B. A. P LIVE ON EARTH concert series and a new album in Febuary. So dont be too sad. Lets wait for them while listening to their album.

Lastly, selfies of the members to BABY who waited for them. Then, I'll see you soon bye~~


☆ (미리) 메리크리스마스 ☆

Coming Soon!

All photos © TS Entertainment

Translation © Jiwon@BAPYESSIR.COM

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