BYS' back or the Holidays with a lot more for you all !

Hello everyone ! 

First of all, I would like to thank our admins team for their devoted work while B.A.P was promoting non-stop, they did all the updates as soon as they could so that everyone who follows BYS could get notified of B.A.P's latest activities! Good job girls ^3^

Like many of you, I was really busy with work related to Uni and I couldn't contribute to the general management of BYS until now. I am deeply sorry about that.

But! I am currently working on this to offer more to all of you who's still supporting us!
From now on;

  • B.A.P's calendar will be updated daily (it's located on the left sidebar of the main site for those who don't know :D)
  • The archives section is now up to date (so you can now find old stuff related to MATRIX promotion more easily)
  • Our Ask FM will be checked daily by one of our admin - so ask your questions away if you have any! We're also open for suggestions for projects for BYS or for B.A.P! 
  • I will update B.A.P's bio page and will make a masterpost of B.A.P's 'MATRIX' promotions tonight and everything will be updated in the discography page (a bit late, I know, couldn't do better!)
  • The online fanmeeting held before by our PRR team will come back to life soon
  • We will continue to provide daily updates, translations in many languages and lots of enjoyable B.A.P-related contents on our blog, just for you all! 
  • We're also recruiting new staff, including admins, subbers, translators and more! Join us today! 
In exchange, we want you guys to show a massive support for B.A.P!!! With a new album and a concert tour coming soon in February 2016, they need us to recharge and get ready to cheer for them again! 

With love, 
Isa xx

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