B.A.P Official Fancafe Christmas Event

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This is B.A.P fanclub administrator.

With December 25th Christmas coming up, there will be a surprise event.
On the official fancafe, we will randomly pick and send a Christmas card with B.A.P’s personally written messages to a BABY who leaves 25 letter Christmas message to B.A.P in the “one-line board”.

Check down below for more specific information.
Event period: ~ 21st midnight
Event application qualification: Anyone who is a leveled up member of the fancafe
How to enter:
1. Check the event format
Format: Name/Christmas message/Address/ Postage number/ Phone number
2. Send a 25 chatacter Christmas message to B.A.P on Christmas event board
3. Wait for winner announcement

Winner announcement:
- December 22nd late evening

Winner gift:
- B.A.P’s personally written Christmas card - 6 (member random)

- Following event only allows one application per ID
- If you go over 25 letters, you will be disqualified from the event (don’t use space)
- Any post that is unrelated to the event will be returned
- You will be disqualified from the event if you perform an act that is against the rules.

Translation © _StrongBAP

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  1. Can international babys enter?And 25 letters in English and Korean? Like "Merry Christmas" is 14 letters while 사랑해오 is 4 letters?Thanks so much!