B.A.P Official BABY3 is now leveling up!

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This is the in-charge of B.A.P Fanclub.

Information about B.A.P OFFICIAL FANCLUB BABY 3기 level up to VIP member.

The level up to VIP member is only to people who are a member of BABY 3기.
After understanding level up related information, do fill up the form on the bulletin board within the time given.
If you did not complete the form on the bulletin board within the time given, you will not be leveled up.

█ Format for the VIP member level up
- Name/Date Of Birth/Daum ID/The email address you wrote when you registered for BABY 3/Contact Number/Check that you have locked this message(The lock shaped icon)

█ VIP Member Level Up Application Period
- 1st February 2016 5pm ~ 19th February 2016

█ Ways to fill up VIP Member Level Up
1) Verify the VIP Member Level Up application form.
2) Fill in with the right format on the bulletin board [3기등업신청] .
3) If you see ‘확인완료’ reply on your form, you have successfully level up

※ To Note
- To protect your private information, please lock your message.
- We hope that you will apply within the time period.
- To take into reference that if you did not follow the format when you write on the bulletin board, you might be exempted.
- For nicknames that fail to adhere to the rules, you won't be leveled up.
- The member's information must be changed to make public to people who are operator or above, for receiving all mail & all notes.
- We will reply below your application on the reasons why you won't be leveled up. After confirming it, please write a new application with the correct information.
- The level up process for VIP Member will be in consecutive order, so please wait for it. We will not accept questions separately.

※ Nickname rules information
1. Purely Korean 8 Letters or English 8 Letters will be permitted.
- A mixture of Korean+English is prohibited. EX) 젤로러브(O), 젤로LOVE(X)
2. Consonant(KR), Vowel(KR), ☆(Special Letters), Quotation Marks, Numbers, Chinese Character, Spaces are prohibited.
3. The use of letters that makes no sense, suggestive words, aversive words, slander words, vulgarities or alien language are prohibited.
- ㅇㅇ, 조낸, 미친, 재섭, 헐랭, 했긔, ㅇㅛㅇㄱㅜㄱ etc
4. The use of words that damage B.A.P members' image or invasion of privacy are prohibited.
5. It is prohibited to use words related to other artistes or fandom for a nickname.
6. The nicknames that will mistaken for B.A.P and members (including real names), management company or operators are prohibited.
EX) B.A.P, 힘찬, 방용국, 젤로, TSentertainment, 티에스엔터, 티에스 등


Thank You.



How To Apply
1st term: Dec. 28, 2015 – Jan. 8, 2016
2nd term: Jan. 18, 2016 – Jan 29, 2016
*Only the members who join during the 1st term can apply for the fanclub’s pre-booking of upcoming Seoul concert on February.
Membership Term: Feb. 1, 2016 – Jan. 31, 2017
*It depends on Artists’ promotion activity.
Membership Fee: KRW 25,000 (Excluding delivery fee)
Who Can Apply
Whoever wants to be B.A.P Official Fanclub 3rd BABY in the world!

- Membership card
- 3rd BABY official merchandise (One time during the term. There will be notice before delivery.)
- Chance to join paid fan-meeting with B.A.P (One time of each membership term, TBD)
- Prior chance to join B.A.P’s official schedule (depending on the discussion with the organizer)
- Chance of pre-booking for upcoming Seoul Concert on February.
- Upgrade of membership at B.A.P’s official fan café (cafe.daum.net/TS-ASIAN) to Premium member
- Right to read limited contents only open to Premium member at B.A.P’s official fan café (cafe.daum.net/TS-ASIAN)
- And more!

- Each applicant should join TS e-shop first. The site offer multiple languages versions: English - Chinese - Japanese 
- Each ID/user of TS e-shop can apply for the member only one time.
- Please make sure that your personal information is correct which will be written on the Membership card.
- Each member will be responsible for the incorrect information and the reissue of membership card is not allowed.
- The upgrade of membership at B.A.P’s official fan café (cafe.daum.net/TS-ASIAN) is only allowed one time for each DAUM ID.
- In the event that the change of the address and/or the contact number caused return of the merchandise, the re-delivery will be made by C.O.D.
- The refund of Membership Fee is not allowed. Please take this into your consideration.
- Selling or assigning the membership card, official merchandise, and the benefits for members is not allowed.

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  1. Hi ! When you say that we should join TS e-shop first, do you mean that we HAVE to ?
    Also, I couldn't participate to the first term so i'm gonna go for the second (I'm already a BABY2기 but encountered many obstacles to level up 3) so I can to update my membership
    to level up 3, TS staff asked for interpark ID, date of birth etc, but when you register on interpark, there is nothing like date of birth in your account info, what should I do ?

  2. Im level 1 still , can i still write for level 3 first ? im trying to level up to level 2 right now ;;

  3. Hi, i keep emailing someone, but no one is responding to my email. I would like a response. Thank you.

  4. Is it still possible to register if there is the box baby III ?