Let's Vote for Daehyun on "Masked Singer"!

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How to vote
Voting period: 11.15-11.19

  1. It's easy! Click on the above link
  2. Click the image of Daehyun, the hit the red button underneathEmbedded image permalink
  3. Then enter with you facebook (you can use many accounts for this!) Allow the Bugs app.Embedded image permalink
  4. Then tick the following boxes and then select the red button.Embedded image permalink
  5. Once you are back here, click on Daehyun againEmbedded image permalink
  6. Click "OK" on ALL the pop-ups that come up, and that's it, you've voted!Embedded image permalink
  7. Now delete your history and cookies (so you can sign in with another account), and do the above steps with a different Facebook account. For Daehyun Babyz.. Let's go!

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Hitmaker a Freshman (Daehyun) on 'King of Masked Singer'!


  1. can you vote with the same fb account once a day?

  2. why doesn't the link work for me?

  3. ok.. something weird happened when I tried to vote for daedae today.
    I tried voting but freshmans pic came up with another box next to it with a question mark and a layout of a person (it looks like they are asking who's gonna match him and there's a button underneath. Please Help!!!

    1. Thats happened to me too at first . But then i click on the button underneath until 3 icon of twitter , fb and another icon appear . I click on thr twitter button and i can vote after that . Eww im suck at explaining . Hope this can help .

  4. Can I get an answer as to why this link never works for me?

    1. http://event.bugs.co.kr/maskvote