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 Soon going to be with Park So Hyun noona's "Love Game"!!! Everyone please listen

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Recently, because we can meet everyday, I'm happy and thank you and I love you, see you tomorrow too-! Tomorrow's fansign dresscode is black, I've decided it according to my likes, goodnight!

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I'm regretting it a lot so everyone please forget it. No, it probably cannot be forgotten...I'm just saying.

Tell everyone I can't go to the schedule tomorrow @bap_daehyun

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Everyone, StrongBabe will still continue so, do not worry too much, next year at the concert it will start again

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Good morning See you later

 Today's music bank is at a different location-! See you later everyone. Have a nice day

Warm clothes

B.A.P Vring U (Music Bank 1st Place Commemoration)


B.A.P guerilla

VApp come on!!!!!!!

love and respect


fans and members who were always by my side in the difficult times, thank you for turning those times when i was smoldering while i was making Young, Wild and Free into such precious times! I will always make music that's young, wild and free!

 Babyz, thank you

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 whoooooaaaaaaa ㅠㅜㅜㅜ really thank you soooo much guys ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ thank you ㅜㅜㅜㅜ thank you thank you ㅜ thank you!!!!!! thank youuuuu ㅜㅜㅜㅜ thanks a lot!!!!

 Thank you. I really mean it. Thank you so much! This all happened thanks to you guys. I love you

thank you thank you i love you! it's all thanks to our fans. thank you so much, i love you!

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I've ate it well

I've ate it well!!! Even not this, the shake cookie I've ate it real well! Thank you. Thank you to all the people that came toady!!! As expected baby!!!!!!!!!

Our fans who have suffered outside for the whole day today! Really thank you and it has been hard on you..! Really really thank you for coming even when it's cold!! Thank you!

To everyone that came to Kiss The Radio today, I want to thank you and to the Kiss The Radio writers and PD nims, thank you for putting much effort to make the corner, Thank you! Also everytime making it comfortable and guide us well, ryeowook sunbaenim, really thank you to you! Lastly, I'm really touched by the message #Sukira #ThankYou

After a long time, at 5pm at Mnet & Mwave through Live Broadcast, MC together with Youngjae! DaumTVpot, KakaoTV, Youtube, you can watch it through Mwave channel~!

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#1400Day #JointheHyungs

Thank you always

On V App, at 10:30pm let's meet Vring u ~

Thank you so much again to those who came to the recorded broadcast in the early morning

Don.t' be sorry. You always want to make a flower path for us to walk on right? The path where you guys are, will be a flower path. As logn as we are walking that path together, I feel happy and thankful for it.

Right, it doesn't matter, just as long as you guys are here, it is more than enough

Why are you guys saying sorry? Don't do that we are really having fun and happy. The result is not important heeh don't worry everyone!! Be safe and done be soaked by the rain. Thank you for today

Number 1 Nominee on the Show!? How did this happen?! How do you vote!? hehehe thank you

Just like now, working hard
[M/V] V-Hawk - (Y.M.S)

My little brother of 4 years. I will cheer for you punk

Really good and beloved younger brother. Fighting!! Thanks!! #suwoong #boyrepublic #my younger brother

Bye everyone! Thank you!

You've done well!!!!!!! #KingofMaskSingerFreshMan #Daehyun #BAP

Thank you to those that came since the dawn today, I'm sorry i'm only saying thank you to you now, Thank you~!

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Thank you for (waiting) since early in the morning. I at least wish to warm your hands a little.

It's cold isn't it? you had been waitin for a long time, it's a shame we couldn't see you much ㅠㅠ I'm really sorry. Thank you so much for coming. Now go eat to warm your bodies. I'm really thankful for today!!You had a hard time 

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See you then

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 To everyone that came today, really really really thank you and thanks and I love you  See you tomorrow~!!!!! Everyone sleep well

For the babys that will come to Inkigayo tomorrow, there's a special gift prepared for you. See you tomorrow

Guys Thank You by. #MusicCorePinkHood

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See you then!

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I came to see how our lovely fans are doing~ Seeing everyone being well is enough for me! See you later, bye!

 What are you doing? Are you waiting for the Mention Party that we'll have at 11:15pm? Did you eat? How are you all doing guys?

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On November 19 at 11:15 PM-00:00AM there'll be a mention party ASKME caution slow typing

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Younger or wilder or freer. There'll be a mention party on November 19 at PM 11:15-AM 00:00

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Babys who will join the Mention Party with me, Where are you, What are you doing? starting from 11.15pm, for 45 minutes

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From 11.15pm for 45 minutes, come play with me kueng(?

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Mention party with Moon Jongup
haha it's gonna be fun!

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Oh my god...Mention party! Anything you want to know?... First, everyone join us huhu; on November 19 at 11:15PM-00:00AM

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Shock and anger, sadness is full in my mind. The attack in Paris last night. Nobody can attack the freedom, equality, and love we created all together. I pray for the sacrificed lives and pray for the wounded ones. #PrayforParis

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